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This form is to be completed by each group for assignment 2 It is important that you discuss this as a group so that it is relevant, reflect effort, contribution in meeting assignment work and time schedule.

This must be filled and attached to your work for submission. This is incorporated to our work to establish accountability and highlight the necessity and importance of the individual in a team environment. Please exercise caution and fairness in your completion of this requirement. The percentage you allocate per peer will then be used to calculate the mark per individual in your group. Individual’s Name| % of contribution| Date/ Signature & Remarks| Clay Blair| 95%| Clay E. Blair 5/21/2012| Taufusi Taitai| 0%| Never present| Kuata Teoni| 0%| Never present| Samuela Tagicakbau| 90%| Samuela Tagicakibau 1/6/2012|

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Group Name| Demi Tasse| Each individual must sign to his/ her name in the table above or, one from the group can do so on your colleague’s behalf This form must be correctly filled and attached to your soft copy Introduction Omni Bedford Springs Resort Business Brief http://www. tripadvisor. com/Hotel_Review-g52178-d647574-Reviews-Omni_Bedford_Springs_Resort-Bedford_The_Alleghenies_Pennsylvania. html The Omni Bedford Springs Resort is located at 2138 Business Route 220 Bedford, Pennsylvania United States. The resorts main accommodations include, resort lodging, dining, spa treatments, events and golfing.

According to www. TripAdvisor. com , The Omni Bedford Spring Resorts holds a star rating of four out of five. As well as rated the best hotel in the Bedford Pennsylvania area. Although the resort is a privately owned estate, the Omni franchise runs the operation of the resort through a management contract. The Omni Bedford Springs has collected well over 500 reviews alone from www. TripAdvisor. com . With 302 of those reviews rating them as excellent and among these reviews several guest commented they enjoyed the fine dining, the quiet area, the beautiful scenery and the well maintained historic aspects of the resort.

But not all guests have felt this way as 23 guest rated the hotel as poor and 10 listing the resort as terrible. These guests commented that their information for rooms, discounts and services had been misplaced or lost, the noise from events such as weddings and miscommunications between departments for package deals. Organizational Chart Assignment Tasks 1. After looking through the vast amount of data from the Omni Bedford Springs, our group compiled a list of products that the resort offers its guest. They are Hotel Rooms (Fg 1. ), Golf, Restaurant/ In Room Dinning/ Meal Service (Fg 2. , Spa Services (Fg 3. ), Swimming Pool (Fg 4. ), Hotel Merchindice (Fg. 5), Wedding/ Meeting/ Function Services (Fg. 6), Gym Service (Fg. 7) and Golf (Fg. 8). Product Chart Fg. 1 Fg. 8 Fg. 5 Fg. 3 Fg. 2 Fg. 7 Fg. 6 Fg. 4 FUNCTION OF DEPARMENTS MARKETING This is a very big department which is allocated with various jobs that requires the promoting and marketing of the resorts products and services. The main product of this department is the resort itself whereby the tourists and travelers will only be attracted to the resort depending on how it is being marketed and. n order to maintain this they have to beautify and modern technology so that tourist will enjoy and also be satisfied with the resorts information that has provided on webs, magazines, etc. ACCOUNTS This department holds a very important role in which it is involved in the monetary and finances of the resorts. It provides services whereby it allocates the budget, pay roll for the employersemployees, prepares general ledger, financial reporting, yearend audit preparation and the support of budget and forecast activities. (Dealer Finance Manager, 2008) HUMAN RESOURCES

It acts almost as the blood for the Omni Bedford Springs Resort. Human resources professionals typically work as generalists or specialists. Generalists are responsible for all aspects of the HR function for their organizations. Typically, generalists are employed as directors or managers for large or small companies. Big companies often have a group of HR specialists who report to a director or manager. (White, 1999-2012) EVENTS This department makes a lot of Special events and organizes all aspects of an event, it is an important element of public relations, marketing and in some cases, inner-company social events.

These events create company visibility in the community, introduce potential customers to the company and create awareness of goods and services. Events within the company enable employees to socialize and build relationships outside of the pressure of work hours and responsibilities. (Stringer, 1999-2012) OPERATIONS The operations department of a company, often called the corporate department or group, is a collection of business support functions: human resources, information technology, finance and accounting, legal and procurement.

Though this department does not generate revenue, the tasks that operations performs are required for business to be conducted. (Henderson, 1999-2012) Job description In creating a clear understanding it is important to understand the roles of the Hospitality management and the front line workers we should first look into each department’s role and the description of these roles. Although department is different, it is important that every area or a hotel be fully functioning and ready. The same can be said about management and the front line worker. Without proper management, time is wasted and more mistakes can take place.

But without the frontline worker, the industry has few people and a great many things to accomplish, as well as the front line worker often acts as the face of the organization to the guest Position| MARKETING DIRECTOR| Reports to:| General Manager| Responsible for| marketing staff| Possible inside relations| accounts department function coordinators | Functions| It is generally in charge with the duty of getting more guest and business to the resort. They often manage different projects and plans by the employees under them. | Responsibilities& Roles| * Responsible for promoting the resort to overseas market. Discover possible development for the resort * Implementing actions to the marketing scheme of resorts. * To keep up a affirmative manner that encourages joint effort within the resort and a positive figure of the resort. * the sharing out staff and share of work load that is desirable to meet market requirements. * Coordinates and assisting departments which involves developing in annual marketing plans. * Reviews marketing activities with all applicable management. | Position| PROMOTIONS| Reports to| Marketing Director/General Manager| Responsible for| sales secretary|

Possible inside relations| sales executivemarketing manageraccounts department| Functions| They operate as an overall sales person for the resort. They carry out task usually in two ways, by either linking with new customers by contacting them about the resort or the seconded way is to make functions and opportunities for new customers and guest who want to visit the resort by themselves. So in a sense the Promotions work at and away from the resort when needed. | Responsibilities & Roles| * Promotes the sales, products and services of the resorts that will benefit the customers. Increase profits of the hotel through creative and selective selling. * Perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy. * Be a pure thinker, remaining cool in solving problems using good judgment. * Plan and implement profitable and productive sales trips into allocated territory to improve and increase the penetration of that resort. | Position| ACCOUNTING DIRECTOR| Reports to| General Manager| Responsible for| accountant’s staff| Possible inside relations| sales department marketing department Front office Food & Beverage. Function| Is in charge departments which links to the monetary reporting. It is also in charge for increasing and ensuring office values, engages actions to make sure correct and suitable monetary statements. It manages accountants staff which is also liable to the supervision of staff that guarantee employment is correctly distributed and finished in a sensible and perfect behavior. It has stiff objectives and a massive amount of office activities together with the preparation of the ledger, monetary information, preparation of the yearend review and the maintaining of the financial statement. Responsibilities & Roles | * acquire and sustain a detailed perceptive of the monetary reports and arranging of the ledger accounts. * guarantee a precise and suitable monitoring of the years expenses. * support the person in charge of the day by day monetary necessities. * guarantee the correct and appropriate processing of positive pay transactions. * make sure that the period of the business agreement actions are done in a good and well manned way. | Position| ACCOUNTANT| Reports to| General Manager/Accounting director| Responsible for| auditors|

Possible inside relations| Management staff Food & Beverage staffMarketing staff | Function| It managers purchases, claims payment or paychecks. Without the front line workers like Accountants, the numbers, checks and bills would just pile up and the operation would cease to be. | Responsibility & Roles| * Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports. * Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business transactions. Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures. * Analyze and review budgets and expenditures for local, state, federal, and private funding, contracts, and grants. (Duties and responsibilities of accountant? , 2012)| Position| DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCE| Reports to| General Manager | Responsible for| Internal/external staff| Possible inside relations| Management staffFood and BeverageMarketing staffFront office staff | Function| The Director of Human Resources (HR) is the Lead Manager of the department.

As according to Cite HR (2011), “contains the role of serving as the key member in advising business leadership for HR process for associates. ” As well as the Director of HR works as a final mediator and the decision maker when it comes to employee conflicts, training and organization development| Responsibility and Roles| * Recruiting * Hiring * Training * Organization Development * Communication * Performance Management * Coaching * Policy Recommendation * Salary and Benefits * Team Building * Employee Relations Leadership. What Does a Human Resources Manager, Generalist, or Director Do? , 2012)| Position| EMPLOYEE ACQUISITIONS| Reports to| General Manager/Director of Human Resources | Responsible for| employees | Possible inside relations| Management staffFood & Beverage staffMarketing staffFront office staff| Function| The Employee Acquisitions is responsible for branching out and searching for new employees. As the department of Human Resources will actually head hunt certain candidates they feel will feel the hole in the Omni Resort.

Without this position the Omni Bedford Resort may fail to find the best employees. | Responsibility and Roles | * guarantee that resorts profit levels are sufficient and relied to mangers recommendations. * helps section chiefs to raise sales in the short term and long term. * helps the resort raise revenues in a province or country. * helps the resort attain new clients in the short term and long term. * frequently travels to meet with domestic and international clients. | Position| EVENTS DIRECTOR|

Reports to| General Manager| Responsible for| Events staff| Possible inside relations| Marketing staffAccounting staffFood & beverage staff| Function| It is crucial in the high job pressure of events as leading the employees under them to completing responsibilities. Their duty and role is to, “organize first air, security or any extra staff, plan layouts, organize staff and meet the expectations of the guest event” (Simply Marketing Jobs, 2010). Their roles as well as cater to the set up and tear down of an event. Responsibility and Roles | * schedules and training, arranging requirements for guest events, delegating tasks, and meeting with * responsible to meet with the group holding the event to understand what kinds of amenities need to be in place for the event to be successful. * should organize those on the event staff by assigning them certainresponsibilities to perform during the time leading up to the day of the event as well as during the event. * Following up after an event could include something as informal as a handshake or something as official as a sit-down meeting to evaluate how well the needs of the event were met. Event Manager Job Description, 1999-2012)| Position| EVENTS PLANNER| Reports to| General Manager/ Events Director| Responsible for| Events Staff| Possible inside relations| Marketing staffAccounting staffFood & Beverage staff| Function| It is about details, vision, organization and the means to pull off both big and small events without a hitch. Event planners can work on a freelance basis or for an event planning company, which is popular in wedding planning. In addition, many nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations hire event planners as part of their staffs. Remenyi, 1999-2012)| Responsibilities and Roles| * Obtain permits from fire and health departments to erect displays and exhibits and serve food at events. * Promote conference, convention and trades show services by performing tasks such as meeting with professional and trade associations, and producing brochures and other publications. * Develop event topics and choose featured speakers. * Consult with customers in order to determine objectives and requirements for events such as meetings, conferences, and conventions. Monitor event activities in order to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws, satisfaction of participants, and resolution of any problems that arise. * Confer with staff at a chosen event site in order to coordinate details. | Position| OPERATION DIRECTOR| Reports to| General Manager| Responsible for| Financial management| Possible inside relations| Marketing staffAccounting staffFood & Beverage staff| Function| The Director of Operations ensures that the aspects of the kitchen, restraint and hotel are all running smoothly day from day.

Truly a manager that wears many hats and has to preform many duties. As according to, Redd, Lyons, Wright, Garneau, & Allen (2003), “Most of their time may be spent reviewing and evaluating business procedures ranging from office expenses to real estate assets. Accordingly, directors of operations may be responsible for overseeing the work of other upper-level management executives. ” Although they know most every aspect of all the departments, they ensure and look establishing flow within their areas of operations. | Responsibilities and Roles| * overseeing departmental budgets. makes decisions on whether to increase or decrease spending in order to maintain profitability. * They are the guidelines to be followed when conducting business operations. * is responsible for establishing policies and procedures and making sure they are adhered to. * make sure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. * overseas production schedules and, depending on the size of the organization, employee schedules. (Miller, 1999-2012)| Position| HOUSEMAN| Reports to| General Manager/Operation Director/ Housekeeping Supervisor/Duty Manager| Possible inside relations| In house staff|

Function| The Housemen act as a middle man in all actions between Director of Housekeeping, Floor Managers, Room Attendants and Guest. Often Housemen are tasked with providing clean lien, towels, sheets and other supplies to the Room Attendants. The Housemen as well as perform tasks in maintaining the halls of the hotel given to them by either the Director of Housekeeping or the Head Housemen. The delivery of requests such as extra pillows or roll always to the guest rooms before the guest arrival. Responsibilities and Roles| • Clean and maintain common areas within the hotel• Shovel snow in walkways and emergency exits• Hot tub maintenance• Minor maintenance issues• Assist with bellman duties• Ensure housemen room is kept clean, tidy and organized at all times• Assist housekeeping staff with laundry removal and unit cleaning• Clean and maintain lobby, entrance doors and bell trolleys includingsnow removal• General Office errands• Assist guests with general questions and enquiries• Assist Front Desk during periods. (Job Description for: Hotels Housemen (Seasonal))| INFORMATION SYSTEM Recommended Information System| Restaurant & Bar| Imonggo| About Imonggo| Imonggo is not just a POS system, but a complete web-based retail management solution that enables you to operate and manage hundreds of retail stores. (Discover the Pos revolution with Imonggo, 2009)| Function of Imonggo| Imonggo combines point of sale, inventory management, sales analysis, customer relationship management and business intelligence functions into an easy and intuitive user interface (Discover the Pos revolution with Imonggo, 2009)| Front of office & Reservations| NightsBridge|

About NightsBridge | NightsBridge is a service that enables you — as a guest house, B&B, or independent hotel to take real-time, online bookings through any websites you choose. We provide you’re up-to-the-second room availability to potential guests through your own website or the accommodation sites NightsBridge partners with. Guests can check availability, book and pay online in one go. (About us, 2010)| Function of NightsBridge| The NightsBridge system will pull availability directly out of your own booking software once the two systems are connected.

You’ll only have to keep one calendar up to date, so you can be sure the availability you’re displaying online is always correct. [ (Connect to your Existing Reservation System, 2012) ]Since your reservation staff continue to use their own front-office system for managing bookings there is little training required. The NightsBridge system runs in the background — sending availability up to web sites and putting new bookings directly into your own system. [ (Connect to your Existing Reservation System, 2012) ]| It helps the resort allocate which product is being sold most and provides fast service while serving the customer. Bibliography

About us. (2010). Retrieved june 2012, 2012, from nightsbridge: http://www. nightsbridge. co. za/about. jsp Connect to your Existing Reservation System. (2012). Retrieved june 1, 2012, from nightsbridge: http://www. nightsbridge. co. za/products_existing_pms. jsp Discover the Pos revolution with Imonggo. (2009). Retrieved june 1, 2012, from imonggo: http://www. imonggo. com/ Duties and responsibilities of accountant? (2012). Retrieved june 1, 2012, from Answers: http://wiki. answers. com/Q/Duties_and_responsibilities_of_accountant Event Manager Job Description. (1999-2012). Retrieved june 2012, 2012, from eHow: http://www. ehow. om/about_6123442_event-manager-job-description. html Job Description for: Hotels Housemen (Seasonal). (n. d. ). Retrieved june 1, 2012, from owh: http://www. owh. com. au/downloads/jd/winter/BW_Housemen. pdf? ;amp;lang=en_us;amp;output=json;amp;session-id=86808a2167c24aa47c0b92cedbfcea99 Miller, J. (1999-2012). Roles and Responsibilities for Managing Operations. Retrieved june 1, 2012, from eHow: http://www. ehow. com/list_7692042_roles-responsibilities-managing-operations. html Remenyi, R. (1999-2012). Event Planner Job Description. Retrieved june 1, 2012, from eHow: http://www. ehow. com/about_5396968_event-planner-job-description. tml What Does a Human Resources Manager, Generalist, or Director Do? (2012). Retrieved june 1, 2012, from about: http://humanresources. about. com/od/jobdescriptions/f/hr_job_mgr. htm Citations Allen, L. ,Garneau, E. Lyons, J. , Redd, S ;amp; Wright, S. (2003). Director of operations: Job description and requirements for becoming a director of operations. http://educationportal. com/articles/Director_of_Operations_Job_Description_and_Requirements_for_Becoming_a_Director_of_Operations. html Blair, C. (2011) Personal Interview Cite HR (2011). http://www. citehr. com/16321-job-description-hr-manager. html