Thesis Statement and Outline

Thesis Statement and Outline Antonio L Stevenson COM 172172 April 8th, 2013 JUDY CHANDLER SPICER Thesis Statement and Outline University of Phoenix Material Thesis Statement and Outline What is your thesis statement? Music is a social memoir that discusses all cultural realities. For the African American culture, music has always been a platform for many relevant discussions; i. e. , religion, current events, government, violence, culture, and self-awareness. The African American sound and appearances of hip-hop was concocted from various foundations, such as jazz, blues, rock-n-roll, and gospel.

Hip-hop is regarded as one of the more relevant genres of today’s musical spectrum. Social growth and the popularity of personal intrigue have developed a great platform of honesty in hip-hop music today. The expression of hip-hop is an integral piece of the lifestyles for not only African Americans, but also people of all races. Hip-hop and its cultural representation are valid and collective explanations regarding the latest and ever so expanding strides of society’s evolution. I. Introduction II.

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Hip-Hop’s Origin A. What qualities and behaviors developed this culture? 1. Creative Expression 2. The sound and influences (Jazz) 3. African American owned? III. Hip-Hop’s evolution and effect on culture A. Discuss topics in regards to who, what, and how, social matters and necessities of Hip-Hop culture, changes and develops trends. 1. Consider the current trends in: clothing, and opposite multi media productions such as TV commercials, movies, television shows, sporting events, grade ads and music videos. 2.

Hip-Hop has helped to pump millions of dollars into the economy. 3. Hip Hop music and its culture has crossed cultural, racial, geographical, and religious lines around the world V. Hip-Hop culture and its indefinite future A. Hip Hop music is morphing to something more: a brand, a mean of economic growth and monetary consummation, and a platform for new social and reality related expressions. 1. A crossed culture; i. e. , electronic music, sports marketing, presidential campaign, new Hipster spawned culture. . Repeat culturalization. VI. Conclusion Explain in a brief paragraph of no fewer than 150 words why you decided to sequence your outline as you did. The reason that I choose to sequence my outline in the matter in which I choose was to give the readers an informative experience of where hip-hop has been and how its cultural effect on today’s society is progressing forward into the future. The culture known as hip-hop today is vastly different from its past and origin, that some may assume.

What the culture represents today is not what is was of the past. This culture was something a race and its patrons took pride in. It created a voice for those that could not ne heard. The outline is an enormous representative of the ideology; you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been approach. I would like to touch on such subjects that deal with the change this culture, who and what plays a part into the modifications, what will be the long lasting results of these new predictions of change.