The St. Valentine’s Day

The gang war that was conducted by two notorious criminal gangs of Chicago resulted to the death of seven people at a time, a massacre and happened way back on a St. Valentines Day, February 14, 1929. This incident was called St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Two notorious gangs of Chicago which was very known already with the authorities there was led by Al Capone for the South side Italian. Some of his members were Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn, Fred “Killer” Burke, and Fred Goetz. On the other side their rival gang was headed by George “Bug” Moran. These two gangs produced the worst event in the history and prohibition period. Prohibition time was the legality of banning the manufacture and selling of alcoholic or intoxicating drinks also the political and social actions that were after and continues supporting them.

Flow of the Crime

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Some reason given behind the occurrence of the massacre was the frustrated murder conducted by Frank and his brother Peter Gusenberg which are from Moran’s gang to Capone’s side named as Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn which was happened only earlier that same year, the murder of Pasqualino Lolordo and the said muscling of Moran to the Capone-run dog track in the Chicago suburbs and the fight regarding the Chicago bootlegging business between the two gangs. These all reasons pushed Capone to agree on the proposed attack of Jack McGurn.          Capone gang then planned the massacre and formed their tactics very well. The planned setting was on a warehouse named SMC Cartage at North Clark Street wherein the selling at a very low price by Detroit’s Purple Gang of high jacked bootleg whiskey also named as the smuggled Canadian whiskey will be held. But according to some investigations the real event was there were seven victims wearing clothes fitted for the transaction and carrying of the whiskey crates then takes it away. It was not announced to the gang regarding the garage and why they were gathered rather be given delivery by the Purple Gang. The flow of the plan was there were four men who entered the warehouse led by Fred “Killer” Burke, two were dressed of police officers suit and will act like policemen. The other two was on their civilian attire and would act like an ordinary citizen of the place. There were assigned persons outside the area who were hired by Capone for the success of their plans. Two thugs, Byron Bolton and Jimmy Moran, members of Purple Gang Eddie Fletcher, Harry Keywell and his brother Phil were the hired persons by Capone. This was why it was also believed for long time that the massacre was conducted by Purple Gang because of the personalities from their group who was involved in the crime.       The shooting for Moran’s men occurred in the arrival of these policemen riding in their stolen police car and civilians disguised men, 10:30 in the morning of a St. Valentines Day, February 14, 1929 on a warehouse where these men of Moran were already in that given place but not the main target Moran. The intention to execute Bugs Moran failed. Some assumption to this failure was Moran was outside the warehouse and observing the happening outside then was able to see the police car so he hides somewhere. Other assumption was because Moran was late in coming at the given time 10:30 in the morning that St. Valentine’s day for the agreement to pick up the smuggled Canadian whiskey because he was not able to leave early in his appointment with Willie Marks and Ted Newberry that very moment. He left the company of those people and proceeds to the warehouse past the given time of 10:30 morning. On the shooting side the two people who disguised themselves to be a police were carrying shotguns and entered the warehouse and saw the six men of Moran inside, the seventh man was the mechanical man who repairs cars and does not belong to the gang. The executors commanded the seven men to face the wall with raising hands. The men followed knowing that the people who commanded them were real police.

The policemen in disguise started to fire their guns that were distinguish as Thompson sub-machine guns. All those seven died, seven men who suffered the seventy gun bullets and two shot gun shells that attacked their bodies according on the investigation of the real authorities who handle the case. To make the situation clean, included in the plan the two men in civilian attire will pretend that they were caught and surrender themselves to the police officers in disguise after the crime was one.             The members of Moran’s gang who had been killed  were James, Frank Gusenberg, Peter Gusenberg, Adam Heyer, John May, Reinhart Schwimmer, and Al Weinshank. High Roller, John May Alsatian dog, became the only survivor on that tremendous event of the city. At the arrival of the real police, they heard the bark and howl of High Roller trapped on the whiskey truck in a floor flooded with the victim’s blood corpses and the remains of the gun shells. It was a big doubt for the investigators regarding such happening because the gagster posses weapons and have lots of it. They were supplied and like hell conductor of evilness in the City, their brutality was well spread in every part of their place. The question that puzzle the investigators mind was “Why would they face the wall, turn back of someone arresting them and did not even made a fight?” such puzzling questions became hard for the investigators to answer and give clarifications because it was impossible for those brutal gangster for easily did it. That was one of many questions to be answered. Although Frank Gusenberg received twenty two gun bullets he was found alive but upon arrival at Alexian Brothers Hospital he was already dead. Gusenberg did not gave chance to reveal the suspects behind the massacre that’s why it became hard for the investigators to look for the evidences and proofs to distinguish the real suspects of the crime. Only the witness outside the garage made the compilation of events to have at least some information in order to resolve the crime. After the revelation of the massacre to the public Capone quoted” I don’t give a damn killing those people.” Because in the crime that happened, Capone was not really there and that was also include in the plan, he was in San Francisco together with McGurn to have alibi when the news regarding the massacre already boomed out.

After Event Situations

The St. Valentine’s Day massacre became a big break to the public and media on its time. It was blunder spread in the City where the worst crime ever was held. That’s why preserving some of the places where important events occurred will be a concern.

Capone with his variety of crimes and violations such as running gambling, prostitution, bootlegging and smuggling rackets and the continuous expand of his territory still he get mad and continue getting mad of his rival gang. Those gang who compete with him. With all Al Capone’s rackets, he had gained money of about sixty million dollars and with that worth he had he became the oldest and popular in line of mysteries of murders. Expenses in doing murders were not a big factor for him like what he did to Moran but he had hard time to execute his plan towards Moran personally. So in order to get rid of Moran, Capone chose to established plan underneath and get rid of Moran’s gang. With such, why there was a rival between the two gangs in their time.

The end of rule for George “Bug” Moran’s was happened because of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre but despite of those tremendous experiences he had, he still controlled the management on his territory up to the year 1930. The control was given to Chicago Outfit led by Frank Nitti. The worst crime happened on that St. Valentine’s Day though in late time attracted the attention of the federal government to study the case and cornered Capone and his criminal deeds. The proof that it was Capone’s men Jack McGurn and John Scalise who was there conducted the massacre was brought into sanction. Before the hearing of the case where John Scalise was one of the accused, he was not able to attend it because he was found dead and was murdered. McGrunt on the other hand will still pay the charges for the crime he did because of the witness of his girlfriend Louise Rolfe against him in violating the Mann Act. Capone was brought into jail for many years because of income tax evasion violation in the year 1931 and in 1947 more Capone died from Syphilis at Florida. Bruke was not punished with what he did in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre but was sentenced to death when he killed the policeman of Michigan and died of heart disease last 1940. The rest of the gang who were members before of St. Loius gang was also murdered five years after the execution of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

The warehouse where the horrible event stood was demolished last 1967. It was converted into a parking lot for a nursing home and was designed well. The bricks of the wall where the shooting of the seven victims occurred were sold bricks by bricks; it went under auction where the bricks were then owned by a Canadian businessman George Patey of Vancouver. He used the bricks as wall for the constructed restroom of Banjo Place one of bar he owned but when it was closed the bricks was sold as souvenirs. At Berrien County Sheriff’s Department in Michigan the submachine guns used in the massacre was kept.

The simplest way of describing the St. Valentine’s Day massacre was the worst event happened in the Prohibition era. Because of those situations, it was formed to have a movie to be view by the public so that be well informed regarding the sequence of events as the worst massacre of Chicago occurred years ago. As it was flagged in the movie industry since 1967 being a not for children movie and belonged to those movies having themes of Assassination Plots.

The Movie

A movie of enacting the story of St. Valentine’s Day massacre became one of the best true to life film ever made and people waiting for was an entertaining comedy, “Some Like It Hot” taking of the gangster kind. Two struggling musicians of Chicago Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were the said witness of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and try to escape the city before they are found and killed by the gangsters suspect for the crime. The only thing they can do that will pay their way is an all girl band so the two dress up like women. One thing they did was joined the girls orchestra in town far away. For disguising, the two witnesses have to change their names and made it selves Josephine and Geraldine. They then joined the girl band and went to Florida to be train. Additional to their hiding time, both of them had a conflict; they both get attracted to”Sugar Kane” Kowalczyk, one of their lady bandmate. She was the vocalist and ukelele player of the band, as well as the sexiest among the members. They should fight for the affection while maintaining their disguises. But can’t tell her his real personality, their gender, and the other has a rich suitor who will not take “No” for an answer. Joe then for the second time disguised his personality just to court Sugar, this was pretending as a millionaire. On the other hand a real millionaire named Osgood Fielding III, fell in love to Jerry in his Daphne personality. This all happened when they were in florida.An invitation of Osgood for Jerry/Daphne for a date one night to be with him in his yacht. Joe convinced then his friend Jerry/Daphne to give tym for the request Osgood invitation and he went on his yacht with Sugar. That very night too, Osgood proposed his endearment feelings to Daphne and because of her excitement Daphne accepted it. All of a sudden, the gangs arrived the end found Joe and Jerry again after some time passed, They arrived same with the gangs at the same hotel for a conference in honor of the “Friends of Italian Opera”. Upon their witness to that another gang rubout, the four people, Jerry, Joe, Sugar, and Osgood took themselves away the yatch of the millionaire Osgood and with this sitution Sugar told Joe that she was also in loved with Joe too. Jerry tells Osgood that he was not able to marry him for various reasons. At the end Jerry/Daphne gave him his trump card, pulling off his wig and saying “I’m a man!” Osgood then replied him “Well, nobody’s perfect.”


The scenes occurred in the movie regarding this true to life massacre was cannot be avoided to edit since it was so long yeas way back happening. There were lines that vary in assumption particularly in reasoning why Moran was not killed and did not appear in the warehouse at the given time. Such variation proofs that it may not only be one of some scenes to doubt. There were still lots of variation happened on the real story happened last February 14, 1929 where in a ware house the St. Valentines Day Massacre occurred. The unending issue of war between gangs was focused by the authorities so hard yet it still continues flowing in the society. The flow of the movie showed was conceptualized by facts occurred in the reality of gang wars in Chicago. The cast in the movie performed their roles in the way of acting same as true gangs but the real event was edited though the thought regarding the reality was still there.  In some cases, the massacre that occur that St. Valentines Day in the year 1929 had a fitted blueprint eventually.  Even though Al Capone did not gave the full detail of the flow in the massacre and how their gang planned it maybe he did allude to his future plans for that bloody Valentine’s Day in that time. It was mentioned to his gang mates some months later the murder occurred the plan towards Moran. He was told that in order to kill Moran he has to kill lots of people. His reply to this was “I’ll send flowers.”