The Processes of Strategy Development and Implementation

What (if any) concept, methods, approaches or ideas so you think are common between the set of readings for this week? What is not common The common concept of the following article is expressing the complexity of the market has become. The market is getting more and more competitive and also consumers are becoming more freckle and also smarter, plus the number of marketing theories are overloading. Therefore the traditional style of marketing has no more holding good effects. Therefore the new method of achieving marketing strategy has become more important.

As Hill. M. E & McGinnis. J (2007) expressed that due to the complexity of the market has become it is important to educate marketing students not with the pure knowledge, concept, tables and theories but how a marketing students think. It’s same concept of a story of ‘Fisher and his son’, fisher did not give the fishes he caught but taught his son how to fish so that when he is no longer available to fish his son will be able fish. The theoretical market strategies are too common in the industry.

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Infact, the requirement of the current market is a marketer who can think above the theories, with the curiosity which brings questions which will lead to answer/ solution to the current market situation. As Dennis & Macaulay (2003) have supported the following concept by comparing the traditional marketers as reader (orchestra musician) and the new marketers as jazzer (musician performs improvisation). As the market requires marketers who can think, jazzer was improvised as the marker in need since they are able to play the music (marketing strategies) improvising with collaboration, flexibility and also creativity.

As Reader (traditional marketer) faces such problem although they are deep in musical knowledge however they are used to play in the form which has been set, and led by conductor, reflecting that traditional marketer are having high knowledge in marketing but they are not educated and trained to catch the curiosity of the concept to think further to make creative and innovative marketing strategy. 2. What else can you find or suggest that in your opinion supports or conflicts with the areas, methods, theories, arguments or statement in the reading(s) that you are analyzing?

For example: * Other readings provided in this course * Otherreference * Situation * Examples * Personal experiences and observations, and your own ideas 5. in your opinion, how do the concepts methods approaches or idead that oyu have discovered on this topic “fir” with what you have learned from previous courses. Complexity of the consumer from analyzing consumer behavior 3. ?? strategic planning? ?? 4. ?? ??? 5. ??? ?? ?? 6. ? ??? ????? ?? – ?? ?? , ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? ??? ??? 7. Students curiosity drives them to think and their questions eventually end up learning.

As tradition teaching method focused more on how to increase the student’s knowledge, however in the market where it changes repeatedly it is more important for the lecturers to drive the curiosity of the student to make them learn them selves as the innovation of the employee changes the future of the company. Human was able to survive and developed up to this level, we should put curiosity at first prior as it has been within human history as it developed technology, science, and even development from childhood to adulthood.

Curiosity is in form of desire, inquisitiveness, interest and wonder, it is the method how human race have found a solution of problem solving, and human race survival. Basically when curiosity comes up to the surface, questions follows, as answer for the question can be accepted differently by the individuals, but yet people do learn in their own methods as in perception, behavioral and belief. However every people has barrier to be curious and questioning since it is human natural behavior of saving their curiosity due to several reason as such * Environment, critics Habitual * Restricting their cognitive resources In order to start thinking some initiatives are required. The movement of thinking triggers by curiosity. The dept and the width of the curiosity concludes the size of the answers achieved. Although a person knows an answer, but if the person triggers curiosity, question of 5W (what if, why, when, who, what)will trigger in a person’s mind, this is where the development of new understanding and finding can be occurred

As for the 3 main type of the thinking which are triggered from curiosity are the following. Critical – critical thinking takes place when certain thought has to evaluate questioning and also considers several of alternatives. Critical thinking may result in understanding of the objective of the organization. Reflective – reflective thinking occurs when it considers the questioning by looking into what has occurred in the past and has chance to change the future results by studying the past.

Reflective thinking may evaluate the result of the particular decision to be more effective Creative – creative thinking is a questioning in something new and different. Creative thinking may allow to understand the evaluate the possible future innovation. ??? 2 Market has been upgraded, consumers are getting more sophisticated and variety of market planning is increasing non-stop, therefore it is important for marketers to improve in the method of their thinking, since MKT planning is used to survive in the complex and competitive market by achieving the objective of the organization.

Successful marketing planning should be able to let the company to have long term planning would let a organization to earn the efficiency in using the resources, capitalizing, makes opportunity and also reduces risks. Piercy and morgan’s 3 dimensions. Analytical dimension – key managerial tools wgat executives would imply during the planning, procedures, structures and systems examines the managerial perceptions, work force, motivation and commitment to the planning process. Behavioral dimension –