The Google Story

The book as the name implies is about the story of Google, is all about Google from the very beginning, the process from being a crazy idea from two students a. k. a Larry and Sergey that wanted to create a better searcher with accurate information and in the process creating a new system for searches called “PageRank”, that provides what users want instead of looking what can take money from them.

Also about how they succeed on the market with their primary goal users’ satisfaction and always doing things as the way they wanted and always trying to keep control of the company to still being first the customer then the profits. And, how Google become the first place around the world on the subject of search, being available in more than 100 languages and creating opportunities to all size businesses to have ads on Google and the opportunity to anyone to buy shares without any preference all being equal, changing the way “Wall Street” does.

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In conclusion this book is about Google a company that were founded by two students that weren’t looking for fame or money just wanted users have a quality searcher to satisfy their need. Best Chapter Well, I really like the book, most of the chapters are good but if I have to choose, I will say two chapters liked more than the others “Divide and Conquer” and “Aprils Fool”. I am going to talk first of “Divide and Conquer”, at the begging of the chapter Larry Page said something that aught my attention “We started this company because we were unhappy with the current search technology and if we succeed, that just will be a great side effect” . When I read it I was amazed because most of the people think first what they receive for doing something, in this case Larry and Sergey just care to satisfy their need and other users need. And at that time Google appeared in a technology magazine that list the best 100 web pages and search engines and it was a kind of free advertising because Google didn’t advertise, the only advertising that it had were people telling other people about how cool is Google.

So the company was growing to fast and Larry and Sergey need money so they started looking for investors to buy new equipment, so they met two investors that wanted to do business with them, so Sergey and Larry came with the idea that the two can be investors and will help them to maintain control of Google because wont be a majority investor so they can still their own decisions to achieve their goals, but it was a risk move because the investor may get mad and forget about Google.

And lucky both investors accepted to make the deal of an investment of $25 millions (12. 5 millions each) but with one condition to find a CEO with experience to lead the company and Larry and Sergey agree, so now they have the money to take Google to the next level thanks to their perseverance and confidence. Now, let me explain the other chapter “Aprils Fool” this chapter Google faces one of its mayor problems, the developing of “Gmail”.

It was on the spring of 2004 when the two friends came with the idea of creating an e-mail service because Yahoo and Microsoft and other companies related give a poor service, a little storage space that forced to users erase their old mails, so Larry and Sergey think they can afford to give 1Gb of memory for free to all users to keep all mails they wanted, without need to delete anyone and also provide users ads on the right side of the page that they could need, to provide the right ads Gmail must scan users’ mails and will free users from spams.

It was a great idea but some people didn’t like the idea of scanning their e-mails, they feel like Google violated their privacy, so this problem became bigger when came to court for invading the privacy and the competition knew it was the perfect moment to strike and also investors got mad, they couldn’t believe the CEO led Larry and Sergey launch Gmail, people started thinking that Google had became in a bad company.

But, in the other hand there are some other people that defend Larry and Sergey because other companies do the same while deleting emails or sending advertising, and said that the idea of Gmail was just to give a better service but it took time for people to understand that Google respect it privacy and machines do that job, during that time Larry and Sergey never permitted problems affected what they think about Gmail and stand for their ideas.

In conclusion both of this chapters Larry and Sergey stand for their ideas not letting anyone to affect the way they do things and that was the reason I very like these chapters, when you believe in what you do, no one cant tell you is wrong. As a business manager what concepts did you get from the book that you think you could apply in your future jobs?

I will like to use the 20 percent rules which is about letting employees to think in new projects one day in their work hours because that will create more comfortable during working hours, another thing I will use is to make the work fun a place where employees do what they want, not feeling forced to something they don’t want and it will help the company to succeed with happy employees and finally the way they do business looking always the best for the customer it doesn’t matter if is a long term or short term solution if there are just enough profits to survive on the market and satisfy customers need I will do it. Mention an example (Or a few examples) of a good (bad) management decision (s) that helped (hurt) the organization(s) in its performance? Well I think must of the time Google do its best, but sometimes could avoid some problems if Larry and Sergey listened to some advice. I really agree the way they do business, doing it in their on way, believing on their ideas and doing what it takes to achieve them, also keeping the company “pure”, a company that has a good behavior not evil like most of the companies.

Another aspect I liked how Google give opportunities to a lot of users to promote their businesses not giving a lot of preference to big companies, they try to treat companies equal, with the same chances ad the same for the shareholders anyone can buy a share if have enough money. -Mention some of the characteristics that have made this (these) organization(s) successful? or made it (them) struggle?

As I said before the key was that the very beginning Larry and Sergey look first for customer need rather than profits, also that they didn’t rush Google to grow, it grew according the necessities of the users and believing that a company can succeed just by the word-of-mouth. This also help a lot minimizing costs buying just what they needed, building their own computers, with old computers pieces it was one way they minimized costs .

Another factor is that they keep in a kind of secret the company, not showing how profitable Google is, keeping it private for a lot time and at when the right time come Google goes public and finally the high quality employees they hired, and the great atmosphere they create inside the company. -How does this book compare to others you have read about similar subjects? Well, this is the first book I read about business so I am not able to answer this question, but thanks to this book I will look for more other business books to improve the way I do, and also my skills.

Evaluation of the book -Provide your overall opinion about the book I really enjoyed the book, I read it in two days all day long it was hard but because the book is good it wasn’t too hard. And I am glad that I read this one instead of the book Donald Trump he has a lot of ego, I just read the first 3 chapters just talk about how important he is, how many important people know and that he can buy anything in the other hand this book is about two young entrepreneurs that have a goal and achieve it, in a good way, avoiding any kind of dirty business, also give you the knowledge hat if you have a good business you can do it the way you wanted, help other people, satisfy customers, have fun, and being profitable. -Did the book achieve its goal? The name of the book is “The Google Story” so I don’t know which is the main goal to know what is Google maybe but if there is a goal is the knowledge this book has, the way is made it, the book provides a lot points of view of the company, from Larry and Sergey, users, firms, Wall Street, competitors, etc.

Also to encourage people to start a business that an idea can become a great success and a business can stay pure, can be fun, no matter what other people think, being profitable from the customer satisfaction, that a company can change the way things are in a good way, as Google does doing the world smaller. – What recommendation(s) you would do to improve this book?

The book is excellent it tells you all about Google, but it has lot chapters and some chapters are not too related to Google for example the chapter of “Porn Cookie Guy” is about the person who is in charge of deleting the porn that appear when users don’t look for porn and its pretty much what the chapters is about, and in other I feel disconnected from the reading, I don’t know if is was because I was tired of reading like the which is about how Sergey and Larry met is necessary but then the chapters talks about the families of both of them and actually I don’t care about it, but maybe is because I don’t read a lot so I don’t know if all the book are alike. I will suggest being more specific and to have more testimonies of employees, users, or investors. – What was the best information / concepts you got from this book? Actually I learned a lot of the book; it has a lot of useful information that can help me in a near future. I consider that the way

Google does business, if a product is good is going to succeed no matter if you don’t expense to much money on ads that a lot of companies likes to do and don’t rush things, I always believes that things are fix to achieve in some point of live, I’m not saying leave stuff on the air, but working hard, doing thinks right, sooner or later the reward will appear. Is what happened to Google and that reward benefits a lot of people. – What did the book miss (In your opinion) or what you did not like about this book? (Explain why). I don’t think the book miss something, it is very complete and as I said on question before of how to improve the book, to be more focus on what is Google and avoid unnecessary information that is not too relevant and more different points of view of the company from inside and outside. – Did this book change the way you thought about this (these) organization(s)?

Yes, before I read the book I don’t have any idea when, how, who, why was Google create, I just know the Google is a very profitable business and now I know why is so profitable and also how to spell Google right. I like the way the company works and how many difficulties Google has been facing thought time. And now I realize why my human resources professor wants to work there. – What did this book leave you as a student of LNI? As a student encourage me to be an entrepreneur, and that I can stand for my ideas even if most of the people believes is waste of time obviously not being too pompous and that a business can have moral and help a lot people that in some point of view is more profitable than money.