Systems Analysis

What skills and characteristics must a systems analyst develop in order to be more effective in any design modeling process?

Answer: The design modeling process is a key to any design achievement for its successful practical implementation. The system analyst plays a major role in modeling a design process. Effective delivery of knowledge to design a modeling process would require special skills and characters on the system analyst’s front. It can be further divided into technical, management, interpersonal and analytical skills.

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Technical skills:

1. A system analyst must have enough field expertise in the form of previous working experience in modeling processes. That would ensure selecting a correct strategy for different applications. There always may not be a single mother process for all kinds of applications. Exercising different strategies require enough expertise in the required field so that the merits and de-merits of a modeling process are known and a correct one is picked up for further consideration.

2. The system analyst must be strong with the knowledge of system modeling techniques which means subject knowledge, domain expertise and awareness of newer and better innovative techniques so that better utilization of resources is possible.

Management skills:

1. Identification of the crucial environment variables involved in any design modeling process is utmost important as that would ensure successful capitalization of such external resources to make a project successful.

3. A system analyst with high organisational skills would be a positive point in handling the design modeling process. Characteristics like planning, organizing, decision making, scheduling would act as catalyst to the modeling process’s success.

4. The system analyst must manage the associated risks involved in the design process. It could range from people to technological risks.

5. Managing the change management process is very crucial for a systems analyst. In general, people do not like change and tend to resist it. Therefore managing the idea transition process, where the old views are successfully mended by newer innovative strategies for managing organizational processes, are of great importance.

Analytical skills:

1. The concept of a system must be crystal clear to a systems analyst. The organization, behavior and constraints of the systems parts must be well captured.

2. The penetration of the various processes must be appropriately figured out so that a correct model can be devised for enveloping the design modeling process. The system analyst must have intelligence and high innovative mind so as to predict such occurrences and model the process to take action.

Interpersonal characteristics:

1. A system analyst must have good communication skills so that he is able to exercise influence and authority to take decisions and smooth flow of work.

2. The concept of team work must be propagated well by the system analyst so that proper compliance of it is exercised in practice for the successful delivery of the process model and the software at last.

The above blend of skills and characteristics must be present in a systems analyst for being more effective in designing process models.