Supremacy Crimes by Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is a well-known feminist who have always created possibilities by which she would extends her idealisms regarding women and the supposed rights and power that they should be given through the treatments that they receive from people living around them or from the society as a whole. She was much enthusiastic in writing several informative reading pieces that are primarily pertaining to the different aspect by which women should be respected and given a treatment that is rightful for them and their gender as well.

She is also known as the editor-founder of the Miss Magazine which is published to assist women in their gaining of knowledge regarding the basic idealisms that they need to learn about their gender. It could be noted that through this magazine, Steinem aims to educate women and assist them with the troubles that they meet in their homes as well as in their own workplaces. Primarily, she noticeably encourages women to fight for their rights in a constant condition for other people to know what they are really worth.

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About the Article

The article by Steinem entitled “Supremacy Crimes” particularly pertain to the different violent acts taken by men against women. It primarily points out the fact that men, who are supposed to be less expected to commit crimes against women because of less respect for women are the very ones who commit the said violent acts. Men who are highly educated, in position, and in authority over women, especially those at work are the very cause of less respect to women.

In this article, Steinem tries to enlighten women on the facts behind the reality that happens to women at their work areas and even in their homes. She points out in this article that because of the thought of supremacy, many men see women as a weaker part of the society, giving them the lesser regard and lesser respect than what they are supposed to be given. Furthermore, she points out the need for women-awareness. She certainly makes it clear that it is only the awareness of women that would be able to cease the dreadful situations that they are most likely faced with every now and then. Being aware shall indeed equip them with the necessary ability and power that they need to help everyone else in the community understands the fact that they are also a part of the society that deserves respect and recognition.

Personal Reflection

It is true that most of the killings, the violent acts that are committed against women are more likely done by those males who are educated, people who are knowledgeable of the law and are also able to turn the law against what is true and make the findings of the investigation appear to help them move away and break out of the fraudulent figures that they show to the society. They, who are supposed and expected to be the ones who know how to respect other people are the very ones who appear to be the less gentle men of the human society. As for a fact, they indeed create a possibility of making a reputation for themselves of being pretentious of being gentlemen when they really are not.

Personally, the author of this paper particularly agrees with the fact that women should be more careful in dealing with men who are highly educated and are proudly consumed of the authority that they were given. These men appear to be highly knowledgeable and capable of respecting women around them, however, because of the authority that they have in themselves and towards the people around them, they become less fearful on how their acts of violence against others would actually turn out to be. True, as Steinem points out further, women have to be strong enough to deal with the situations that involve men as mentioned earlier.

Constant determination of what and how a woman is treated would help a female individual to consider her own situations into close focus. One’s ability to identify how rightfully treated she is shall be the basic skill that a woman should possess. In this regard, a woman should recognize the need of being constantly aware of her environment and the people around her as well.

This particular situation has also been heightened by the fact that the present society is involved in developmental movements pushed through by economic enthusiasts. Aside from pure gender-bias, cultural differences is now considered as matter by which men, who are in greater positions certainly try to go beyond their relational limits with the said type of women. Sadly, the result of the said massive violence against women causes different injustices that women also intend to commit against men and even against their children. People, particularly women, who are depressed and frustrated with the way they are treated by other people, intend to release their anguish against those who are less powerful than they are. They too would want to feel that they are in control of the situation, thus making it possible for them to engage in several acts that push them to doing something violent and against law, at times even against their will.


There are certainly different types of crimes and violent acts done in the society. However, it could not be denied that most of the crimes done by humans are caused by the different imbalances that are present in the human society. Most likely, it could be observed that the said imbalances are caused by the views of men against that of women with regards the basic truths and norms in the society. Sadly, these differences result to further crimes committed by people against each other based on hatred, rage, anguish and gender-view-inequalities.

It is only through the application of thorough respect towards each other regardless of each individual’s gender that the said issues of gender-based crimes and social inequalities could be regulated. Not the rebellious act of placing the law in one’s own hands because of being particularly abused by the other gender would result to good outcomes for the whole society, simply making more room for further commitment of violent acts against each other. It is only when humans learn to see and recognize the fact, that as humans, they are equal and they are all deserving of respect and acknowledgement would the crimes against inequality be met and solved in a way that both men and women, young or old would recognize each one’s right for a life that is free form worries and transgressions simply caused by being different in culture or in gender.