Supermarket Displays

We live in era of technological advances and scientific innovations which means that our modern world needs highly trained marketing specialists in order to make the public aware of new products put on the market. That’s why, to bring much attention to a certain trade mark or brand a company should put effort to develop and/or employ optimal methods to attract consumers’ attention to their products. The most effective ways to make this wish come true are to use methods that would unexpectedly hit consumer’s imagination.

The most important purpose of the company and its representatives is to sell a product using different methods and activities that will grab attention of a potential purchaser among a great number of other trade marks including their logos and slogans.

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Attention of supermarket visitors or any other target group may be described as a device, which controls the amount and value of data received by them. Experts say it is possible to increase the influence and effect of the advertisement if to take into account the following aspects: (Media Awareness Network 2007):

·     The attention of potential consumers is as a rule concentrated on the first and/or last trailer during an advertising program or a plug.

·     Messages located on pages of printed publications such as newspapers and magazines attract the closest attention as it enables the reader to view the advertisement in smallest details and study or observe it as long as possible. Studies show that the most optimal way to get the buyers interested in the product is to locate the advertisement on the cover page of the publication or a home page (if considering web as well).

·     It is very important to involve a potential visitor of the supermarket or any specialized store into the process of advertising itself which will ensure their increased curiosity and therefore buying capability. For instance, around 91% of asked supermarket visitors are ready to buy a magazine with a test sample of cream or extra perfumes since this infallible marketing method builds a bridge with the item for consumption itself. This decision is believed to be the most useful one due to its successful resulting effect. Undoubtedly, the supermarket visitor will more likely to buy the same kind of cosmetics. Moreover, there is a high chance of him/her buying the same type of printed publication. (Jeffrey 2003, p. 116). This marketing approach brings much revenue to companies during various celebrations, seasonal holidays and events providing consumers with free fabric Halloween pumpkin or New Year calendar attached to the cover page of National Geographic.

·     Plain creatives are no longer interesting for supermarket visitors due to the fact that they more often than not are very old, worn, and trite. That’s why they fail to bring profit to both their companies and the buyer. Consumers now pay attention primarily to advertisements and commercials that include some originality, imagination, unexpectedness, and deep sense.

There exists an increasingly popular “button” syndrome identified by marketing specialists which poses potential threat to contemporary advertising companies. The core of the problem is represented by constant desire to switch channels using remote control because of worn commercials or already memorized advertisements the TV air is filled with. European experts claim that approximately 49% of Europeans keep pressing remote control buttons due to boring and annoying commercials shown on TV. (Verhoeff 2007). As a rule teenagers and male watchers switch channels three times more often than middle-aged TV-viewers and women. According to recent studies, the audience starts clicking the buttons within first 4 seconds after having viewed the commercial or another type of television advertising the main purpose of which is to grab the attention of the audience which primarily consists of potential supermarket visitors. For that reason marketing specialists are enabled by various target groups to invent and design new attractive, tricky, exciting but still professional approaches to avoid dry information presentation. The aim of the advertisement agents is to produce such kind of promotion so people will wish to watch the commercial over and over again. Usually, such important elements as appealing music, intense colors, and love symbols are the most popular tricks to grab attention of supermarket visitors as they still remain the most effective source of influencing human senses. (Rossiter & Bellman 2005, p. 453).

Marketing specialists are taking huge responsibility on them as they are supposed to take into account a wide range of factors that more or less influence companies business. They include language, colors, signs, words and phrases, etc. Taking closer look at language, it would be rather fair to claim that it has an enormous influence on company’s revenue in terms of correct and successful formulation of slogan. In 1990s General Motors had low rates of trade turnover due to tricky linguistic aspect incorporated in their advertisement. At that time brand-new product Chevy Nova was trying to get through already full car market of Latin America. However, unprofessional approach of the company’s marketing specialists prevented them from getting much profit due to the fact that in Spanish No va means “It does not go”. Consequently, the new brand failed to win over the market of Latin America. (About, Inc. 2007).

It is highly advisable for marketing agents to work hard on translations of trade marks phrases and slogans if they want to bring success to their corporations. For instance, Pepsi Cola Company has chosen advantageous slogan “Come alive with Pepsi” that has greatly contributed to the company’s budget. However, the slogan was not correctly translated into German language since as an ending result it was asking Germans to “Come out of the grave” and promised China that “Pepsi brings the ancestors back from the grave”, though rather frequently the idea of wrong/funny/unique translation may bring much profit to the company. Pictures on boxes and packages may include a variety of unattractive links. Gerber Company has been selling very many jars with baby food on the continent. However, wrong marketing decision to expand their business to Africa negatively influenced their profit as the majority of African product images displayed on the package correspond to the filling… (Jeffrey 2003, p. 169).

Creative approach in attracting supermarket visitors’ attention ensures good organization and worth of the information consumers are provided with. Poetry and rhythm incorporated in the slogan are more likely to be noticed by consumers. It goes without saying that in order to grab attention the image (picture) and voice of the person advertising the product should be understandable, distinct, and appealing as the quality of the advertisement is to great extent connected with the quality of the product. Such “traps” as “alive” shelves and carts that remind supermarket visitors of a certain trade mark or service combined with melody or pleasant pictures are oftentimes put to use.

Researches claim that only 10% of people may correctly recall 20% of advertisements they have watched the day before yesterday. (Jeffrey 2003, p. 150). It indicates that modern society is so vividly fed up with various techniques aimed at catching consumer’s eye, that people no more respond to attempts of brand representatives and stopped paying attention to bright advertisement hoardings and unusual trailers.

Experts and psychologists in the field of marketing proved that human desire for new information is a prevailing motivation for decision-making. (Rossiter & Bellman 2005, p. 442). “Do not look up!” Having read this slogan on the wall, 99% of people according to the recent research take a look at the ceiling.

According to Jeffrey (2003, p. 129) provocative marketing is divided into two separate groups that differ in terms of design, placement, and organization:

Ø Life Placement (advertisement or slogan incorporated into to consumer’s daily routine, for instance, human body, monuments, night sky).

Ø Viral Marketing (“occasional” dialogs heard by potential supermarket visitors in stores, transport, or web-chats about advantageous of a certain product or service).

In conclusion, it would be fair to note that the behavior of potential supermarket visitors is primarily defined by the professional skills and abilities of marketing specialists to design and set going unusual and creative approach including practical and relevant information that will attract consumer’s attention. It is recommended that they keep in mind the linguistic factor of the brand’s slogan and search for latest news and reviews on the brand.

In addition, modern world is overloaded with such a great variety of different amusement activities and tricky approaches that provocative marketing has brought a new flavor to advertising industry serving as an optimal solution for the problem of glut.