Superluminal Times: What if scientists developed the ability to travel faster than light speed?

What if scientists – in particular NASA – were to find a way to travel faster than the speed of light, also called superluminal communication, or simply FLT (Faster than light) communications (“Faster-than-light”)?  In the commercialized, globalized world we occupy today, FLT communications for NASA would be such an important discovery that there would soon be built private space ships (such as the International Space Station) for rich tourists who would like to travel aboard, venturing into deep space.  In eight minutes, the space ship would take the travelers to the Sun (if that were possible, too).  Within a month, travelers would be able to see quite a lot outside the Earth’s atmosphere.  Brilliant stars, galaxies, nebulas, mind-blowing black holes, comets, dangerous asteroids and meteorites would all become remarkably more visible and more dangerous, and would also end up making more frequent appearances on the covers of popular magazines, e.g. Life.  Life would certainly change.  Most importantly, perhaps, for global consumers – it would become possible to get excellent products delivered to our homes in the twinkling of an eye!

The concept of the ‘twinkling of an eye’ is rather Biblical.  Traveling faster than light is a very big deal for all people of the world.  Yet, if scientists were to have the exclusive right to information about how to travel faster than light – the world would not be able to enjoy the benefits of the scientific discovery.  FLT communications must surely be capitalized on by industrialists worldwide.  Teleportation, or the yet to be understood scientific method for transporting stuff in the twinkling of an eye, is a finer concept than all kinds of transportation combined.  The tourist industry would benefit tremendously by taking people from New York to London within 2 minutes – all said and done.  Businessmen featured on Forbes would endorse the FLT communications wholeheartedly.  Wealthy investors would gather around the new technology.  New markets shall open up.  Indeed, it would be a very exciting time for the world making shipments from New Zealand to Darfur and vice versa within 3 minutes.  A physicist by the name of Lambert Dolphin would agree, adding that man is essentially the spirit of the Lord and not the body that the spirit appears to be wearing.  Thus, it is quite possible that in the near future we would find an easy way to start traveling faster than the speed of light.  Our beloved products from around the world would follow suit.  In fact, it is our destiny to live a life of ultimate luxury that the FLT communications entail.  Call it the kingdom of God on earth….[1]

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Both time travel and FLT communications are endearing ideas that scientists have been playing around with for decades, especially since the lifetime achievements of Albert Einstein.  Like quantum mechanics and teleportation, these concepts are not clearly comprehended at present.  According to Stephen Hawking, the master of science at the Cambridge University, although both quantum physics and the theory of relativity are correct and have been experimented with countless times and shown to be valid; both cannot be correct at the same time seeing that they contradict one another.  All scientists are agreed that it is the theory of relativity that would not allow us to travel faster than the speed of light.  Einstein had predicted that “nothing can go faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, about 186,000 miles per second” (“Scientists Break Speed of Light”).  Moreover, there is gravity: a force that acts on human bodies and all things we know on Earth by pulling them down to force us to stay on Earth.  Yet, the theory of quantum particles spread out all over the cosmos could easily invalidate the gravity theory by asserting that in actuality there is nothing in the universe except invisible particles and unseen waves or packets of energy.  Thus, it is quite possible to escape the bounds of our present existence and travel faster than light, perhaps just by the use of imagination.  As a matter of fact, quantum mechanics is all about the use of imagination and the mind (thought waves) to create new existences and enter new states or different dimensions of life, e.g. four-dimensional plane, astral existence, etc.  Also according to this wondrous scientific theory of understanding our world, all space and time equal to 1, which means that it has got to be possible to reach a distant point in the universe in the twinkling of an eye (What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Holes).

Undoubtedly, there is far too much going on in the universe than is presently paid attention to.  Scientists have not by now figured out the cure for AIDS, and neither have they discovered all varieties of marine life.  Even so, humanity would like to venture far on a space ship faster than light.  There is no end to our desire for achievement, just as the universe never stops surprising us.  In point of fact, light as we know it is a rather illusory idea, provided that we are not studying it as closely as the scientists.  On a visit to a science museum, the author discovered that our perception of light can be altered, bent, and miraculously changed to allow us to see worlds we had not previously been aware of.  Changing lenses and using light in myriad ways we may find ourselves similarly able to view angels and the spirits of the dead in the light of day.  What is more, the manipulation of light by mankind may be the very answer we are seeking to time travel by will – each one of us.[2]

Light becomes even more interesting from this point on.  Scientists have figured out that 186,000 miles per second is not the conclusive speed of light.  Rather, it is only one of the speeds of light.  There is a Greater Speed C, which is also the speed of gravitational effects in addition to gravitational waves (Gibbs).  So, it is actually the force of gravity that is stopping us from leaving Earth to see everything else that has been placed in the universe – by chance according to the evolutionists; and by God according to the creationists.  Nevertheless, the force of gravity changes as we move between points in the universe, which is why we have to jump on the Moon rather than walk as we do on Earth.  What is most bewildering, perhaps, is to hear from the creationists affirmations about the speed of light having something intimate to do with God Almighty.  In fact, according to a Muslim scientist, the Greater Speed C may very well be the speed at which God’s commands travel from ‘wherever’ down to the Earth and through the universe.  Both the Bible and the Qur’an refer to “one day” with God being equivalent to a “thousand years” based on human reckoning.  Because the Qur’an was revealed to the Arabs who counted on the Moon to measure days, months, and years; the scientist of the Middle East performed a fantastic calculation to suggest that the Greater Speed C, which is said to be the ultimate speed of light, is actually the speed at which God’s commands travel throughout the universe.  A physicist from the University of Mississippi may be able to provide the explanation for this phenomenon: Joel Mobley has shown that sound waves could travel faster than light!  If “ultrasound pulses could move at ‘superluminal’ speeds when they enter water that contains thousands of tiny plastic beads,” it may be because God is using verbal commands to guide the universe (Dume).

Could man move faster than God’s commands through the universe?  Let alone the creationists, the evolutionists would be happy to know that human beings are already manipulating light, and even turning it backwards (Boyd).  In addition, scientists have already managed to grasp how light speed can be transcended.  The following scientific report clarifies this new understanding:


Scientists have finally exceeded the speed of light, causing a light pulse to travel

hundreds of times faster than normal.

It raced so fast the pulse exited a specially-prepared chamber before it even finished

entering it.

The experiment is the first-ever evidence of faster-than-light motion.

The result appears to be at odds with one of the basic principles of Albert Einstein’s

theory of relativity….  However, Lijun Wang, one of the scientists from the NEC Research

Institute in Princeton, N.J., says their findings are not at odds with Einstein.

She says their experiment only disproves the general misconception that nothing can

move faster than the speed of light.

The scientific statement “nothing with mass can travel faster than the speed of light” is an

entirely different belief, one that has yet to be proven wrong.  The NEC experiment caused a

pulse of light, a group of waves with no mass, to go faster than light.

For the experiment, the researchers manipulated a vapour of laser-irradiated atoms that

boost the speed of light waves causing a pulse that shoots through the vapour about 300 times

faster than it would take the pulse to go the same distance in a vacuum.

Light travels slower in any medium more dense than a vacuum, which has no density at

all.  For example, light travelling through glass slows to two-thirds its speed in a vacuum.  If

the glass is altered, the light can be slowed even further.

The NEC team produced the opposite effect.  Inside a chamber, they changed the state of

a vapour in a way that light travelling through it would travel faster than normal (“Scientists

Break Speed of Light”).


It is definitely possible for us to break light speed and fulfill our long term wish to be one with the Highest Power there is, perhaps at Greatest Speed C.  In terms of evolutionary theory, the human mind may be considered evolved enough at the present time to take the quantum leap into FLT communications.  What if it really happens?  As discussed before, FLT communications would change our entire existence on Earth.  Standards of living will soar.  The most significant impact of FLT would be felt by the business sector, but only after scientists have grown comfortable enough with the manipulation of light speed to make superluminal communications a cheap reality for all.  We would be transcending “mass” in that case.  Quantum mechanics makes it easy to gather how we can potentially transcend mass to travel FLT.



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