Students speak

Students Speak means the right of the student to free- speech, to present their ideas, their views and to themselves as they like. In today scenario, it is such an important term because it is related to the growth and development of the students. It is also one of the fundamental right which is provided by every country to its people therefore this right must be given to speak them I their limit and discipline so that congenial and soothing atmosphere of study is created. For eg. The student to provide the equal right to the gays filed a case in U.S court against the school administration on the wearing of t-shirts with quotes, as homosexuality is shameful a the shirt doesn’t create disciplinary problems among the student. After hearing the case, court gives his judgment in the favor of the student.

In the recent years student voice or student speak has changed the overall view of school, increase decision making power and has emerge in new millennium as potential strategy for improving the success of school reform efforts. The student voice or speak create more meaningful experiences for youth especially for the students who do not find meaning in their school experiences. His friends raped a girl named Melinda Sordino at the party but she has no guts to describe the incident to the police because she was emotionally destroyed and started expressing it through his art and after this she understand that speech is very much important for expressing any ones emotions. Therefore, it is always stress in the class that every student should be able to speak so that he/ she can clarify his doughts against any topic and can easily remove to confusion, duplication in the mind. Student Speak helps the student to come up with their innovative ideas, share their experiences and to improve themselves. It assists them to get along with all the people of diversified culture, religion, caste etc. It creates more awareness in the mind of the student and helps to overcome in difficult situations.

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At present time, we see that most of the student suffers with medical, metal and emotional difficulties. It is the major problem regarding the student in front of school and teacher because on one understand the requirement and needs of the student. Therefore, attempt must be made to make sure that these students must be accepted and understood. Therefore, it is advisable to build awareness in the classroom by teaching different types of special needs people have. Some ideas include:

Outside resource speakers: speakers are the instrument, which increase the loudness of he voice, therefore it must be attached to every classroom to provide effective learning.
Role-playing as with crutches, wheelchairs, blindfolds, etc.: These all things must be available in the class to make the study or learning more convenient, understanding and easy. The main objective of above this to create the interest of student in the study.

Books about peoples with special needs or disabilities: The book referred in the class should be based o the special needs of the people and on disabled people to create more favorable attitude towards these special persons.

Videos and films: the help of videos, films, pictures, charts, slides, drawings etc. to be used I the study to present ay topic in interesting way.
Welcome the special need student just as you do every other student: this states that no teacher should treat any student unfairly or bias sly because it create wrong attitude in the mind of the students and lead to ugly atmosphere among them.

Ask the special need student what you or the other students might do to make their life better in the classroom: The right of speak which is the fundamental right of every citizen must be given to every student including special need student to provide more attention to them and to make their life more better.

Skills and Strategies in student speak: Skills and strategies refer to those things that an individual apply to locate, organize and remember information. This include such things as using table of contents, outlining or using strategy to read a chapter and to remember what was in it. Therefore, learning with strategy and skills become an important part of learning because it provide platform to compete with each other in the rat race. Skills and strategies are not only related to education but every person in every field to win in that particular field uses it. Helping students to learn to use skills is not the responsibility of only language or art teacher but it is something that needs to be done by all teachers in all classes or subject areas. The overall goal of literacy learning is to help students to become independent in their learning. Learning and implication of various skills help them to achieve their respective goal. For eg. A good reading strategy helps to read in very efficient way and helps to derive maximum benefit from minimum effort. Thus with the help of below mentioned strategies, one can read intelligently. They are:
Knowing what you want to know: The first thing is to identify the objective of reading that is whether you are reading for please or in search of any particular topic.
Knowing how deeply you require the material: It means to understand that whether he require shallow, mediocre or deep knowledge of the subject.
Active reading: This states that for effective reading co lour pens for highlighting must be used to focus the attention of the reader.

How to study different sorts of material: different document contain information at different places therefore by understanding the layout of the material reader may extract useful information from the text.

Reading whole subject document: this means while reading any important document the table of contents must be prepared by the reader in order in which he wants the document to able to spot omissions more quickly.

Using glossaries with technical documents: When you are reading any difficult or technical problem at the same time, it is always useful to photocopy or compile a glossary.
Thus, in this way by using right strategies at right time one can easily achieve his/ her targeted goal in every occupation.


Strategies that help all students succeed effectively: strategies are the sort of guidelines, which helps the student to excel in every field. There are some processes to be followed for the effective implementation of sorted strategies to achieve above-mentioned target. They are:

Changing what happens in school between 9a: m and 3 p: m: the restructuring of activities takes place between school hour by more focusing on school improvement, by establishing family partnership support learning, by changing school environment and by promoting culture sports learning, by development of staff and their collaboration and last by initiating quality instructional program.
These above mentioned strategies are originated through deep research. These are also called as essential supports and with the implementation of these supports, a considerable decrease in student scoring low percentage is seen.

Immediate intensive help for students who do not master critical skills and knowledge the first time: In most of the schools even today teachers only describe the thing at once and move on or get early irritated. Therefore, to improve the overall performance of every student below mentioned strategies are to be seriously initiated. The staff must develop “culture of high standards” and every student should be provided with appropriate support needed to achieve desired standards. The schools should offer effective help early and often during the school year. The help to be provided to students in the regular classroom during the school day. The teachers may sometime form group of the students to teach specific topic or subjects. The extra help or assistance needed to any student in form of school tuitions, Saturday schools, and summer school and homework help- lines.

High quality early childhood education: the high quality early childhood education help’s children to retain good position in future years and to secure good marks. But some key qualities are to be followed for obtaining high quality programme.Providing adequate student teacher ratios, facilities and instructional material. Adequate training and support to be given to teachers dealing with this programme. Building children’s strength and areas where they are weaker. Assessing student’s progress and achievement in purposeful way. Identifying range of children’s needs including health, nutrition, emotional and social well being. Communicating regularly with the families of students in the language they speak

Effective reading instructions in all grades: reading is the key factor of these strategies and therefore, focus of teacher is development of reading habits among the students ad for this following support system to be properly engaged. A literacy rich environment with multiple read opportunities to be developed. A brief programme for developing analysis skills, comprehension skills and spelling skills. To develop reading skills that helps to improve their reading and writing.

Smaller learning communities that use effective educational practices: It is the recent practice to break new school s into small public schools in which teachers educates specific group of students. The key to success of any school is not depend on the size but how it carries out the educational practices that have been shown  in strategy 1 to strategy 4 that lead to higher achievement.
Family and community involvement focused on educational improvement: Parents involvement improves student achievement because when parents are involved children’s do better in the school. It also helps in maintaining two-way communication between school and family. It educates the parent to how to aid their children at home and encourage them to participate in volunteer school activities.

Connecting students with real futures: The school work to be designed in such way as to engage all the students in the meaning full and challenging work, and to prepare them for capable choices about future work and education. By using real-world context to teach higher and technical skills. Expanding academic instruction to include problem solving and other cross cutting competencies. Extending learning beyond classroom through field based investigations and work internship. Providing student with adult mentors and coaching’s for project work. Offering regular opportunities for students to explore their interest to develop personal plans and future learning. Always identifying the high quality students through regular exhibitions, portfolios and other assessments.

Promotion with extra help: This is the last step in the development of all the students, which requires that school should diagnose student’s problem and provides extra help. By providing extra help in summer or in the next grade, the student’s problem can be easily sorted out. This is more effective and cheaper method.

With the help of above strategies, the desired objective can be effectively achieved.