Student Performance Can and Should be Measured

Student performance can be measured. It can, indeed, be done. This may be evidenced by what is technically referred to as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (US Department of Education, n.d.). Here, students are evaluated based on the following subjects: “arts, civics, economics, geography, mathematics, reading, science, writing, as well as, US History” (US Department of Education, n.d.). Although its objective is not to “provide scores for individual students”, it still proves that there is really a way to measure student performance (US Department of Education, n.d.).

The National Assessment of Education Progress if revised a bit to enable to offer results for individual students can play a large role in the measurement of student performance since it already “offers results regarding subject-matter achievement, instructional experiences, and school environment for populations of students, as well as, groups within those populations” (US Department of Education, n.d.). In addition to that, the National Assessment of Education Progress has been designed using the “latest advances in assessment methodology” which consists of “constructed-response questions in the field of arts & science, as well as, questions that necessitate the utilization of calculators and other materials” (US Department of Education, n.d.). Since the National Assessment of Education Progress already has the appropriate design and tools to assess progress in education learned then it has the greatest potential of measuring student performance individually as well and of course, it backs up the claim that indeed, “Student performance can be measured” (US Department of Education, n.d.).

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Furthermore, student performance should be measured. It should be so to properly assess what the students have learned so far, what they understood clear and deep enough to apply it in real-life situations. In addition, it should be measured so as to find out what adjustments educators should make in order to improve, enhance, as well as, motivate the students to strive better in their studies.

Again, student performance can and should be measured.