There are many strategies that help promote changes but it is difficult to come across strategies that work on a long-term and permanent basis. Kotter’s strategy regarding the 8-stage process for organizational change works due to its ease in manageability and clearly defined goals. The first stage entitled, “establishing a sense of urgency” relates to examining the market and what would work best as well as examining the crisis as well. This ensures that there are fewer setbacks after a careful examination of the situation thereby delivering a positive culture in the state of change. The second and third stage entitled, “creating the guiding location” and “developing a vision strategy” help in clarifying the objectives and a team is gathered for a complete effort. The fourth and fifth stage entitled, “communicating the change in vision” and “empowering broad-based actions” mostly relate to inducing positive effects in the organization by helping the team understand the essence of change and its need.

The sixth stage entitled, “generating short-term wins” actually encourages the team towards rewards of any success that the organization may achieve through the change that has been incorporated by the organization. The seventh stage entitled, “consolidating gains and producing more change” is aimed at hiring personnel who can effectively work with the change thereby making the aims of the organizational change permanent and further reinvigorating the process with the new projects. The last stage entitled, “anchoring new approaches in the culture” mainly aims at supporting the changes in the organization by acting on all the above stages thereby enhancing the leadership development and succession at large. Therefore, Kotter’s eight-stage process induces a positive effect on the organizational change thereby helping the organization achieve its goals.

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