Stop Small Hands from Working in Factories

‘Stop small hands from working in factories. ‘ Like other problems India facing today, viz. poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition etc, child labour is also a big threat to the nation and it is practised in many parts of the country. Though govts, both central as well as states, have been pushing for the various policies/programmes to cease ‘child-labour’, the success story so far is not so good if we see UN reports. At present, to deal with ‘child labour’ problem,we have Child Labour prevention Act, some policies like Right To Education etc, but due to poor infrastructue and absence of proper blue print the policies remain on paper.

Education is still distinct dream for many children. Govt schools are poorly funded, they do not have required number of teachers and so do not student, they do not have science laboratories, mid-day meal is not provided in many schools. Some schools do not even have toilet facilities which is the reason of low number of female students. And the ‘child labour’ is practised mostly in those parts of the country, from where schools possess above properties. But to my mind lack of availability of education is not the only reason of ‘child labour’ other than poverty.

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Apart from poverty and illiteracy, dalitism, migration, malnutrition too play a very important role to increase the number of child labours. Most of the child labours from our country are dalits, marginalised and alienated. Along with being dalit they are poor as well as illiterate. Also many child labours are ‘beggers’ who do not have their own shelter (unfortunately, in India,there are no laws which will cover beggers). So the number of child labourers are more in those parts of the country where dalitism is practised strongly and they have more number of industries.

For example, states like Orissa, Jharkhand are resource, minerals rich so there is greater number of industries, and also dalitism is practised more in these states, hence result of which is more number of child labours. Another ex is of Tamil Nadu, where dalitism is practised and hence we can find more child labours working in bad safety conditions of fire works industries. Just like dalitism, migration is again another reason p, which couples with poverty, force children to work as labour to fulfil their basic livelihoods.

So in a country like India, which is such a diverse country, problems also show diverse nature. Hence approach to every single problem to solve shold be inclusive. So to stop child labour, only RTE or Child labour prevention Act are not sufficient but govts should also look at the implementation of the other important schemes like MGNREGA, various pension schemes(including students scholarship) etc. , they have to work to stop migration, they have to stop malnutrition, hunger by creating necessary infrasructure to deal with, increasing efficacy in systems and creating awareness among people.