Solving Problems and Making Decisions

“At the heart of our business is the importance we place on the experiences of the travelers passing through our terminals. ” Abu Dhabi International Airport Located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and operated by Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) since 2006, Abu Dhabi International Airport runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Helping to connect people and places is what the airport do best. As a base for more than 52 airlines flying to and from some 85 cities in over 49 countries, the objective at Abu Dhabi International Airport is to make passenger journeys smoother, safer and more enjoyable.

By adopting the latest technological advancements, upholding the strictest international safety standards and never forgetting the importance of warmth and service, we know this is achievable. Abu Dhabi international airport have won several awards reflecting its commitment to fulfill its objective and in reflective to customer rights in Abu Dhabi. The airport won over 28 awards from the year 2007 constantly until date, the award varies from “Best website Four categories”. Best Airport in The Middle East Award”, “Air Cargo Excellence”, “Best Airport for Tax Free Shopping, Globally”, “Best Premium Service Airport” and much more. 1. Description of the problem Keeping the above in mind, it’s important for the Abu Dhabi Airport to keep delivering this level of excellence, yet with growth come challenge and deviation in the performance, and that is what this paper is about. A variance problem in delivering customer rights in check-in services, and for the limitation of this problem the writer chooses to talk about the right to be informed. . Analysis of the problem The fulfillment of the customer right “the right to be informed” can be tricky, if one would assume that posting the information in the website is enough, it’s a plus point yet not enough specially with recognition of the competitiveness of the aviation environment. We can find in the website the following information regarding our point of intrest for this paper and they are; •Airport check-in guidelines, •Self Check-in, •Remote check-in, •Security checks, •Passport controls, •Customs, and •Immigration & visas. 3. Resolution of the problem

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To resolute the problem the writer followed the 5 “w” s methodology; Who – Who does the problem affect? Specific groups, organizations, customers, etc. The problems mostly affect the guest of the airport and of the respected airlines provider operating within. What – What are the boundaries of the problem, e. g. organizational, work flow, geographic, customer, segments, etc. – What is the issue? – What is the impact of the issue? – What impact is the issue causing? – What will happen when it is fixed? – What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?

The impact of the problem reaches the brand of Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Airport and Airlines, which lead to customer dissatisfaction, resulting in lower profitability and possibility of bankruptcy, due change in customer preference, and bad moth and negative informal publicity specially in this area of information and technology revolution. Note: the likelihood of this problem to occur is low moving toward medium. When – When does the issue occur? – When does it need to be fixed? Within the writer orientation at the airport several indecent of not delivering minimum sufficient information to customer. Where – Where is the issue occurring?

Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc. At check in counters specially economy then business. Why – Why is it important that we fix the problem? – What impact does it have on the business or customer? – What impact does it have on all stakeholders, e. g. employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, etc. Each of the answers will help to zero in on the specific issue(s) and frame the Issue Statement. Your problem statement should be solveable. That is, it should take a reasonable amount of time to formulate, try and deploy a potential solution. For several reasons; •Protection of customer right in Abu Dhabi. Protection of Abu Dhabi Airport brand and image and therefore, •The protection of Abu Dhabi brand and image. 4. Implementation and communication of the solution The writer suggests different solution to resolve this variance in performance and sustainable level of performance excellence that is divided into to elements: •Human factor: It is the supervisor’s responsibility to monitor check-in agent performance, provide one-to-one coaching and advising in addition to group briefing that remedied them of values and objectives that the employee operate upon, and most importantly monitor improvement and provide feedback. Environment factor: Website information to be updated based on frequent question to be asked, banners and leaflets to be next to counter that encourage customer to demand their rights, feedback mechanism that is systematic and daily managed, SMS serves and email serious to keep customer up-to-date with changes occurred. Action Plan: References: http://www. abudhabiairport. ae http://www. abudhabi. ae/egovPoolPortal_WAR/appmanager/ADeGP/Citizen? _nfpb=true&_pageLabel=p_citizen_homepage_hidenav&did=129002&lang=en