Structural functionalism; It’s a social paradigm which studies the different social functions that relate to the whole system of nature as determined by social systems functions.  It involves an examination of the social functions whose root cause is social structural work and development in the nature systems. Largely the theory tries to investigate the societal agreement as the core determinant of social order in the society.  The society should naturally be in a state of functional equilibrium; however this equilibrium is to be provided by the human race itself in a harmonious state of using social structure.  In the event of any conflict between the states of equilibrium in the human agreement to the system of these social structures, social cohesion and imbalance will develop calling for human indifferences and disagreements (Bartos, Wehr, 2002, p.13)

Conflict theory; It observes the social changes which result or a result of benefits by different participatory groups in the society.  Due to scarcity of resources in the society, individuals will struggle in competition for benefits by these resources leading to a change in the original state of the social settings in the society. Due to this struggle, many social conflicts develop in the society in response to the indifference in the benefit to the use of the social resources in the society.  It negates the above theory of functionalism in its assumptions of a specific role play by individuals in the society.  Its major focus is on the social conflict between different organs of the society, keeping a state of constant disequilibria hence social changes. (Owens, Wagner, 1992, p.46)

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Symbolize interactionism; it looks about how human beings regard their act towards things depending on their perception of meaning in these things towards them.  However, it’s only through social interaction that human being get the meanings of the things about them.  During this interaction human beings tend to change the perspective on the meaning of the things about them.  It focuses on the development of reality through interactive participation of human beings. (Christopher, 2001, p.92)