Shakers Spirituality Influences their Craftsmanship

The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing (Shakers) is the most successful and endured religious organization in a communitarian society. During 18th and 19th century the Shakers was established, it was lead by Ann Lee from Manchester, England and to America. She call herself Ann the Word as the society had chosen her to become there mother in spiritual things. In 1774 Ann Lee and her members seek place to perform freely the religious practices and beliefs in which they performed worship by dancing, shouting and speaking in tongues. They have established a unique sect foundation that had endured for more than 220 years; this established foundation is laying Near Albany, New York which spread the there community in this area, on August 6, 1974. Later that year is her death in which Shakers increases the numbers into dozen communities. By which they divided into families or groups, which separates the women from men to avoid physical contact. Furthermore the members are required to regulate their behavior; abolished there properties and they imposed mandatory confessions, which in all they evolve in celibacy, commitment to common property and separation from the world ( see About the Shakers ).

They sought to create the vision of “heaven on earth” which will be seen by their virtues of simplicity, perfection and purity in there living. However the Shakers peaked in the decades before the civil war occurs. When the America expanded and industrialization took place, the religious sectors bought many to be converted in Shakers beliefs and principles had lost its momentum, and began to close in 1800s due to the lose of the appealing ingredient it consist ( see The American History “Shakers”).

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During this time the Shakers applied their virtues in there community through designing and building that emphasized function and quality towards there work. Shakers got the unique and subsequently inspired, generated culture that had reach and influence the United States cultural history, building is one of their attributes, that shows there great craftsmanship for the hard works and towards perfection they introduce the unique range of handicrafts, furniture and architecture, they provide there families through that and using there resources in perfection in which way they show that they are independent on there skills in doing the craftsmanship.

There inventions are highly acclaimed, it’s because of there dedication towards designing and creating the furniture for they believed that what there doing was an act of prayer. They made things for there intended uses, they never used elaborate details or any fashioned items in there work, but all there works are highly prize due to its array of impressive invented collections.

On the other hand the furniture’s they are created were called Furnishings for the Simple Life it comes from Lebanon to where the most prominent Shakers reside there community, Shakers well – crafted furniture that were celebrated to be plain yet very functional, there work or craftsmanship were not just art for the members but an expression of their great faith, for it is believed in their community that what they had produces, any type of architectures and furniture are done because of their religion ( see Shaker: Furnishings for the Simple Life).

Today one Shaker community remains its foot in Sabbath day Lake, Maine, in which their legacy in life and accomplishments are preserved which is relevant to the people of the century. Shakers remain to be devoted in there faith by which makes them work with unique crafts that was acknowledge and appreciated by the American and a strong legacy in there art works. The Shakers then became successful businesspeople who endure honesty towards there work that had brought them to incredible prosperity (

see Thomas Hampson.,Shakers).


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