The scenario involved in this question is that of insecurity which is currently being faced by this large and prominent hotel that I work with as the executive security officer.  This hotel has always maintained good corporate relationships with the neighbourhood as well as well with the inhabitants of the community.  Because of the escalating security crisis that my hotel is facing as a result of increased robbery activities especially on the garages, walkways that lead to the hotel and the parking lots and these activities are mainly carried out by certain two African-American men, I decided to approach the President of the hotel since the security situation at the hotel is escalating and this could heavily cost the hotel that may even end up to deaths of employees as well as customers of the hotel.

The President of the hotel is also concerned about the safety of the money that the hotel has.  In order to tackle this problem, I need an additional manpower so that I can effectively handle the security issues at the walkways, parking lots and garages.  Shortage of manpower, however is a major challenge but I feel that involving local police from outside the hotel would be a better idea for curbing the situation but the President of the hotel does not find the idea as being suitable since she feels that leaking out the information concerning the security situation in the hotel will jeopardize the hotel’s nature of business.  As I think deeply over the matter, my only short-term solution is to spread out the available manpower by removing a total of five security officers who work inside the hotel so that I can be able to place them to patrol in the areas that are most targeted by these robbers.

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I plan to place three security officers who will be in plain clothes in these areas that are affected by security problems and the other remaining two security officers will patrol on bicycles and they will be uniformed.  In addition, one of the plained officers will be placed in the parking lot so as to catch these robbers in the act.  However, my plan is met with stiff resistance especially from the security managers and security supervisors since they complain much about the shortage of manpower that the hotel is currently experiencing but again I still urge them not to disclose this information to other personnel other than those who are under the security department of the hotel, as I will still go on with the change in the deployment of manpower from the hotel to the various stated insecure places so as not to put the hotel business in jeopardy  as well as  the customer’s lives in danger.

However, after the deployment of manpower, and three days of change in this hotel, I started receiving complaints especially from owners of restaurants in the hotel as work had leaked out concerning my deployment acts on security officers of the hotel.  These managers offer their resistance as well complaining that I took the initiative without involving anyone else.  In addition, to my surprise there are a lot of messages from representatives from the media industry who have the knowledge of the issue of robberies that have frequently been occurring at the hotel premise and they all want to inquire about this incident.  Other inquiries include those from a prominent religious leader who is concerned about the sudden change of altitude of police officers from the hotel who had been harassing African-American men by stopping and searching them once they reached the hotel’s packing lot and calls for an immediate investigation into  this matter.

There are various ethical and legal issues that can be identified from the above incident.  The major ethical issue concerns the privacy of the individuals who might be the customers who would like to utilize the resources that the hotel has to offer.  For instance, from the incident, African-American men are being harassed by security personnel officers from the hotel once they enter the premise without they consent and moreover, these customers are not even aware of the  sudden change of the workplace activities mostly of the security officers that are deployed almost everywhere in the hotel premise.  The other ethical issue relates to the under-staffing problem that is currently experienced by the hotel.  This is a common workplace issue and this has adverse effects on the workers, business and also customers.  In case of customers, they are likely to receive poor service delivery from the institution whereas workers in this case the security officers are bound to be stressed as a result of overwork.  This is because the number of security officers in the security personnel departments have further been reduced hence leaving only a few officers to handle the entire workload.  On the other hand, the hotel business is also bound to be affected negatively because of the current provision of poor services and inadequate labor supervision (Schminke, 1998).  As a result, the hotel will end up making loses and incurring debts and this will hamper the current market stability that it has initiated.

In this case, there is the problem of under-staffing in the above mentioned hotel.  The hotel is currently experienced insecurity but due to shortage in manpower, the executive security officer decides to remove a number of security officers who work inside the hotel and deploys them to several stations that are under the threat of insecurity without informing the entire management in the hotel institution.  Another ethical issues concerns the decision making process that currently exists in the hotel.  Good decision-making should involve the entire management so as to effectively come up with good and diverse ideas from almost every department and this is essential when it comes to providing long lasting solutions to impending problems (Nelson & Quick, 2006).

From the scenario, it is clear that there exist poor decision making processes when it comes to making key decisions that affect the organization.  The executive security officer from the above organization goes on to make his own decisions concerning  the security problem without informing the entire management of the hotel even though he had approached the President of the hotel as well as the managers of the security department in the hotel.  Decision-making is a critical process that requires an effective planning process in order to overcome the obstacles that the organization is currently facing.  The leadership style that currently exists in the organization is also another ethical issue that needs to be looked at.  In the hotel institution mentioned above, the President of the hotel does not take an initiative in controlling the current insecurity at the institution but instead goes on to allow the executive security officer to make his own decisions on the impending matter.  All that she is concerned about is the money that the hotel has and not about the workers, customers and the future outcome of the hotel business.

Leadership entails a lot and the type of leadership that an institution chooses to practice has various outcomes that it may present to the company or institution.  It is therefore essential that leaders should posses certain basic qualities that will enable them to be effective leaders in whatever situation or task that they may choose to undertake.  In addition, leaders should also display a good work ethic that will enable other employees to emulate.  A good work ethic includes being on time, being organized, giving praise to employees, being well prepared for meetings and having good communication within the venture that will go a long way towards achieving emotional and financial success (Stroh & Neale, 2002).

Insecurity is currently being faced by the hotel workers as well as the entire neighborhood because of the current robberies that are being conducted by suspected two African-American men is also an ethical issue. Lastly the legal issue in the above incident concerns that of harassment that the security officers at the hotel are performing on the customers mainly the African-American men once they arrive at the hotel’s parking lot and in this case a prominent religious leader is calling for an immediate thorough investigation on to the three incidences that have occurred in the past on these men.

The major personnel concern that is established by this incident is that the President of the hotel is keen on ensuring that the money from the hotel is safe and she does not want any involvement by police officers who are outside the institution. The religious leader is concerned about the harassment that is conducted on African- American men by the security officers of the institution.  The other concern that is established in the above incident is that of the media representatives who would like to inquire about the current security situation at the institution.  In handling the media inquiries, I will communicate to them concerning the security problem and at the same time offering them the steps that are currently being undertaken by the organization as a way of tackling this issue.

It is obvious from the incident above that the security personnel as well as management have made errors regarding the current security situation at the organization.  First, the entire management at the institution has not been informed on the measures that have been undertaken to curb insecurity as well as the deployment of security officers to various locations in the institution.  The decision making process has only been undertaken by one person and this is the executive security officer and as a result there is stiff resistance to change in the institution.  From the above incident, I would urge both the managers and supervisors to hold an emergency meeting consisting of all personnel in the institution in order to discuss insecurity issues at the premise and looking for alternative solutions both short-term and long-term solutions to control the problem.

In order to attain short-term solutions, the above hotel institution needs to seek assistance outside the institution and this means that it should get police officers from the local neighbourhood.  On the other hand, in order to obtain long-term solutions to be problem the institution needs to curtail the under-staffing problem that it has by recruiting more security officers into the institution more security officers into the institution so that the security issue can be handled effectively (Dana, 2000).  In addition, I would also put in place written policies regarding the safety of employees and customers as well as policies that concern the employment of new additional security officers into the institution.  Having reviewed the facts of the incident above I would hold supervisors accountable for any harassment that they may have accused by providing legal actions to them.  For the managers I would look for other alternatives that could reduce the current conflicts in the organization by trying to explain to them the current situation that the organization is experiencing and why there is need for change.  There are several lessons that could be learnt from the above incident.  First, key decision making needs to involve everybody and not to make individual decisions as observed in this incident.  Second, effective leadership and codes of ethics are important in any organization.

In conclusion, the above incident creates various implications on the security profession that many would have liked to undertake it.  The impacts created are mainly negative and as a result of the harassment that customers are experiencing from the police officers they are likely to vacate from the institution hence ceasing to be their customers.  This paints a negative image of the security profession.