Seattle university academic expectation

Almost every person sooner or later thinks about getting a profound education. The question concerns not only which direction of studies to follow but what educational establishment to choose. Of course, it’s better when the good of students is put on the first place, where excellence in learning is valued with professional teachers the most predominant group of whom includes active scholars and when educational excellence achieved through diversity is highly celebrated. It’s very important when the educational institution advocates the development of responsible leaders who are really committed to the common good and fosters a concern for justice and a competence of promoting it. All facts mentioned above embrace the main values of the Seattle University, dedicated to “educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world […] connecting the mind to what matters.” (SU Mission and Vision)

The information about the institution is easily accessible and is renewed regularly. All the necessary up-to-date information future students may obtain from the official web site of the Seattle University. The Bulletin of Information, which everyone may download for free from the Seattle University’s web site, contains all necessary data concerning academic programs. In this essay I’ll try to analyze the information pertaining Business Marketing and Marketing Management degree program with business marketing as my major.

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To deliver a clear explanation of what is required to know while studying marketing and especially business marketing, I’d like to describe a little the meaning of business marketing. We all know that marketing delivers a standard of living. When we deal with business marketing, this standard is delivered to business organizations, public agencies and non-profit institutions of all kinds, large and small. The standard is what exactly the customers or clients expect: information and quality products and services, priced right and distributed at appropriate locations. The international relations are also of a great importance here as far as the delivery not only around the nearest neighborhood but across the ocean. Business marketing offers a realistic and comprehensive image of non consumer marketing world when the purchasing decisions are based on very rational economic considerations that include such issues as potential demand, inventory levels, promotional support offered by the manufacturer and profitability of the product. It also encompasses a range of organizations such as federal, state, municipal or local government agencies which do not have profit as a primary goal. (Gross, 2-7)

Applying for Business Marketing program is possible due to double major opportunity. Before applying for this certificate program, all interested students should consult with the chairperson of the Albers School of Business and Economics or the School of Education for they both cooperate in certification program of business education and/or marketing. This is needed because some courses can not be met in the Settle University. Majoring in marketing requires a complete minimum of 180 quarter credits with cumulative (with double major 190 that comprises 25 credits for each major) and major grade point average of 2.25. (UGBulletin, 320) For major requirements you are to earn is C grade or better. The variety of subjects is combined to achieve the main strategic goals of educative program – to provide “educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world.” (SU Mission and Vision) So, among Core Curriculum Requirements one may find College Writing: Inquiry and Argument, Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking – as obligatory and to choose supplementary subjects from the following: Origins of Western Civilizations, Studies in Modern Civilization, Introduction to Literature, Elements or Calculus for Business or MATH 134, Fine Arts, Philosophy of the Human Person, Social Science (non economics and ECON 127 as required), Theology and Ethics (PHIL 351 required). (UGBulletin, 320) From this list we may see that the choice indeed sticks to the main goals combining professional fields with overall developing ones. The additional Albers School of Business required subject is also Non-business elective or MATH 118. Core Curriculum Requirements are dominated by general subjects that make students “critically thinking personalities.” Albers School of Business for Business Foundation Requirements has such subjects as Principles of Accounting (I and II), Business Statistics, Principles of Economics – Micro, Quantitative Methods and Applications, Communications for Business, Introduction to Information Systems and E-Commerce. For choosing from are suggested: Global Environment of Business, Business Finance, Introduction to Management and so on. (UGBulletin, 321) For these a student may gain 70 credits, then for Major Requirements a student earns 25 credits. Here are placed such subjects as Buyer Behavior, Marketing Research and a list of Electives. To earn all required credits there are also additional Requirements. (UGBulletin, 321)

The Seattle University hopes that students learn and achieve success in their overall course study because of the way they are taught. In the heart of the Seattle University’s educative mission lies intellectually challenging education ensured with the help of excellent teaching, supported by high quality scholarship and personalized attention to students’ learning. To develop competence, character, and leadership between a community of faculty and colleagues, in partnership with students, the University is looking for a total educational experience encompassing the classroom, campus and community. (SU Mission and Vision)

As the Seattle University treasures Jesuit Catholic ethos and the enrichment from different other faiths, its educational tradition promotes independent critical thinkers informed by the humanities, who are open to finding and serving God in all things. (SU Mission and Vision) This ‘independent thinker’ is challenged by the Jesuit priority of “the service of faith and the promotion of justice” when taking into consideration issues of poverty, injustice, discrimination, violence, and the environment in knowledgeable, committed, and effective ways. (SU Mission and Vision)

Having taken Catholic intellectual tradition as the main intellectual tradition, all the work of the University is directed to encourage and assist all students to explore their relationship with humanity, nature, and God. Seattle University is considered to be the most racially and culturally diverse, rather urban, and one of the largest multidisciplinary independent university of the Northwest. (SU Mission and Vision) All members of the university community are provided with the means to deepen the understanding of their faith on the basis of welcomed free dialogue among persons of diverse religious and intellectual traditions. (SU Mission and Vision)

To achieve greater results it’s more productive to work as intelligent individuals in a liberal cooperative group. That’s why the mission of Seattle University is directed to provide that all persons within the university engage one another as collaborative colleagues with the boards’ guidance in informed and committed ways. The University’s alumni represent the brightest manifest of the Seattle University’s mission fulfillment in their lives and professions. (SU Mission and Vision)

The progress in education and the whole process of it is monitored and analyzed. Seattle University faculty and staff in over a hundred support and service units carefully assess students activity effectiveness in order to provide data about the university’s student learning outcomes and how they are being addressed across the campus. (SU Mission and Vision) Seattle University is about to create a university-wide plan for studying student learning in order to improve teaching, learning, and curriculum. This plan will include and be created on the basis of plans from each school, department and program. The information provided will be the basis for connecting the university’s mission, strategic plan, and future budgeting. (SU Mission and Vision) The annual assessment plans provide faculty with evidence and information including a report indicating student learning strengths and weaknesses discovered in assessment activities. (SU Mission and Vision)

The University proved to assure for its alumni the survival in keen competition of obtaining a job, due to the fact that marketing graduates gained related experience, a high level of creativity, strong communication skills, and computer skills which allows them to have the best job opportunities. We all know that the objective of any firm is profitability in everything that their members do. In small firms, the owner or chief executive might challenge the Seattle University’s graduates in marketing with all advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, and public relations responsibilities. Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers coordinate the market research, marketing strategy, sales, advertising, promotion, pricing, product development, and public relations activities. (Advertising, 2005)

Summing up the idea of “educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world […] connecting the mind to what matters,” the University keeps to some defining strategic goals. (SU Mission and Vision) These goals include the creation of programs, services and activities that promote student involvement and leadership development; establishment of the educational partnerships that integrate academic learning and student development; co-creation of the campus culture, climate and environment that “puts the good of all students first;” utilization of an ongoing systematic inquiry to enhance the quality of the student learning experience. Among the goals is also the strategy aimed to help students to develop a special set of values and ethical standards described in Seattle University Mission Statement. (SU Mission and Vision)