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There are several areas of women’s health which should be given priority.   Changes enabled in these areas would definitely permit a greater amount of positive modifications and improve the quality of life of the women.  The Three areas of the concepts of women’s health I would like to discuss include physical activity and health, mental health, and food and nutrition (Health Women’s Health, 2007).

Physical activity to a certain extent would benefit the health of the women folk.  It is not necessary that these physical activity to be of higher intensity to have a positive impact on the health.  The physical activity need to be only for a short duration of time with a moderate amount of intensity.  Physical activity need not be considered for women of certain age groups.  Women of all age groups would value from moderate amount of physical activity performed on a daily basis.  Women need to perform these physical activities on a moderate intensity for about 15 minutes to half-an-hour on a daily basis.  It should be remembered that if the intensity of the activity is reduced from high to medium, it would be better to increase the duration.  For example, instead of jogging for about 15 minutes a day, it would be equivalent to brisk walk for about 30 minutes a day.  A slightly more amount of physical activity with moderate amount of intensity would be certainly beneficial for health.  Physical activity of higher duration should be avoided because these can cause several problems with women’s health.  Activity of very high intensity would increase the risk of injury, menstrual problems and bone degenerative diseases (such as osteoporosis).  These physical activities would also benefit in the management of several long-standing disorders such as cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, arthritis, obesity and diabetes mellitus.  Women with some of these health problems need to consult their general practitioner before starting with these physical activities.  Physical activity would also be beneficial to the health of the musculoskeletal system (including joints, bones and muscles).  Several mental symptoms such as distress, mood changes and aggressive thoughts would certainly reduce with physical activity (CDC, 1999).

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Mental symptoms are more common in women compared to men, and hence require greater amount of attention.  The nature of the mental symptoms that develop in women are different as compared to men, and hence require more specific attention.  There may be several contributing factors for this including internal factors (such as genetic and biological) and external factors (such as psychosocial and trauma) (NIMH, 2006).  Mental depression is one of the most common mental problems faced by several women.  A mild intensity of depression that occurs for shorter duration may not be a major heath problem, but depression occurring with serious intensity (such as suicidal tendencies) and present for longer duration could have a serious impact on the health and quality of life of women.  Women are at a twice greater risk of developing depression compared to men.  It is very important that depression be recognized and promptly treated to ensure that the quality of life is improved and functioning can be normalized.  The ranges of symptoms that occur in depression are of a very great spectrum and need to be researched and recognized.  Medications administered for short durations and/or psychotherapy would be an effective mean by which depression in women can be managed (NIMH, 2005).

Women should ensure that they consume a healthy and a balanced diet in order to improve physical and mental health and quality of life.  Besides, physical activity should be considered of moderate intensity on a daily basis.  These could be the keys to good health and living.  A healthy diet would ensure that the BMI is maintained within the normal range, and the risk of developing several long-standing diseases is reduced.  A woman may find it very easy to consume a less healthy diet which could have a negative impact on the health.  However, it is essential that they are educated about this and further motivated to reduce these unhealthy practice.  The diet should be carefully planned in collaboration with a dietician or a nutritionist.  Efforts should be made to include all the categories of food in a balanced proportion from the food pyramid.  Foods that are low in cholesterol should be consumed.  Food containing lower amounts of saturated foods should be eaten.  Sodium in the diet should be reduced to ensure that the risk of developing hypertension is reduced.  Efforts should also be made to increase the consumption of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) to a reasonable level (Women’s Health, 2005).