Scholarship Application

I. Why students select online learning as a way to further their education?

Many students prefer online education programs than school education programs because it makes learning fun and cool. They are studying and learning and having fun at the same time. Online education allows students to complete their coursework at home or anywhere at times that are most convenient to them. It allows students to have an access for twenty-four hours to the course materials thus they have the time to review on the things that they found difficult or confusing. In a classroom setting many students are afraid to ask questions to their instructors because they might sound unknowledgeable in an online education students can ask questions or clarifications directly to their instructor anytime through the internet and they will get the answers immediately. The web-based education program provides equality among students. Students have the same chance to participate in the discussions even the shy ones because they can now express themselves and their ideas without the fear of being laughed at or the fear of being misinterpreted. Students, who cannot express their ideas through speaking, have now the chance to express their ideas through writing. Online education gives students a longer time to conceptualize their ideas compare to school education that requires you to give on-the-spot answers. Discriminations are eliminated about the race, religion and beliefs, physical appearance, gender and disabilities that will make them more focused on studying and learning. Furthermore it makes the students boost their confidence and enjoy what they are doing which is studying and learning at the same time. (“Advantages of Online Learning”)

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II. The characteristics of online learning courses or programs that encourage or support    persistence toward the completion of courses and a program.

There are many characteristics of online learning courses or programs that encourage or support persistence toward the completion of courses and a program among students. Online learning programs make students realized that education is fun and cool because they are having fun while learning. It also makes the students work on their assignments or projects anytime and anywhere making them a little bit relaxed and not pressured. Students can approach their instructors anytime of the day if they have questions or something to clarify and the instructors will respond immediately. It makes the students realized that education is really important and through reading they can be equipped with knowledge that they can later use in a workplace. Criticisms regarding physical appearance, physical disability, race, religions, beliefs, gender, and mental ability are eliminated which able the students to fully concentrate on their studies. In addition it makes the students perform to the best of their ability.

III. The personal and professional attributes that is important in achieving success in an online learning program.

It is very important for teachers and students that they should work closely together to achieve their common goal and that is for the students to learn and to be equipped with knowledge. The teachers should be knowledgeable enough to provide their students the knowledge and information that they need and the students on the other hand should display an attitude that they are motivated and eager to learn. The instructors should be very patient in teaching their students and the students should pay attention or listen to their instructions very well so that they will easily grasp the information that their instructor is trying to convey.

IV. Summary and Conclusion

Online learning program is a diverse education program compared to other education program. It makes the students express their real personality and it makes them perform to their best potential. It makes learning fun and eliminates to students the notion that going to school or studying is a boring and a difficult thing.  Moreover it makes studying a memorable and enjoyable to the students.