Scary Moment

One night, in the crowded mall, me and my friend Katelyn were having fun messing around in all the stores. Then, we decided to go to starbucks and get some refreshing drinks to quench our thirsts from running around the huge mall. When we got to starbucks, we couldn’t wait to taste the caramel frapachinos in our dry mouths Katelyn let me go in front of her (of course she would, she’s so nice), and so she turns around and looks behind her, only to see the scariest man you couldn’t even explain it.

This guy had black spiky hair with a gun in his pocket, a pack of cigarettes in his back pocket, and an evil face of a villain. The guy was looking up and down at Katelyn, licking his lips as if he were interested. Katelyn said very loudly, “Can I Help You?!?!?! ”, and he walked outside quietly, still with that evil villain face. Katelyn told me what happened so I let her go in front of me.

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As we waited in the long line that was out the door of starbucks, the guy was sitting outside, like he was waiting for us, and we could tell that he was plotting to steal, because he had that face that a puppy does when it sees food. As soon as we got our two caramel frapachinos, we took a run for it. I even dropped some change and didn’t even care. When Katelyn ran by where I dropped all my change, she stopped to pick it up. I said, “Katelyn come on, he’s right…” and I didn’t even get to finish when he was standing right behind Katelyn. Katelyn Run! ” I screamed, and helped her up. Luckily, her mom was in the mall, and we ran in that exact direction, no where else, and he was still chasing us. Finally, we found Katelyn’s mom and ran right behind her and told her everything about what had just happened. We went to the security place and they said they have been looking for this person for 2 weeks and that the same thing happened to 2 other pre-teens just like us. If her mom was not in that mall, we could’ve been kidnapped and possibly killed!