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For the completion of this assignment i visited to Big Bazar, Kothrud, Pune to know the details about the FMCG products. In Big Bazar, I observed 20 moving and non moving FMCG Brands. However for the purpose of getting information I carried out the personal interview with the manager to kno the factors which are responsible for minimum and maximum sales of FMCG products. After the interview I recommended the manager how the customer satisfaction can be improved and how the sales can be increased. * Top 20 Fast Moving Goods At Big Bazar Are : 1) Colgate 2) Gillette 3) Cadbury ) Dove 5) Maggie 6) Everest Masala 7) Pepsi 8) Bisleri 9) Amul Butter 10) Lays 11) Parle – G 12) Surf Excel 13) Harpic Cleaner 14) Oral B Tooth Paste 15) Vaseline 16) Axe 17) Garnier 18) Nascafe Coffee 19) Saffola Vegetable Oil 20) Bikaneri Bhujiya * Non Moving Goods At Big Bazaar Are: 1) Babool Toothpaste 2) Pamolive 3) Humam 4) Suhana Masala 5) Hippo Chips 6) Ghadi detergent 7) Nyle shampoo 8) Clean N Clear Face wash 9) Boost 10) Sprite 11) Nihar hair oil 12) Diet Coke 13) Passport Deodorant 14) Govardhan Ghee 15) Tiger Biscuit 16) Dermi cool Powder 17) Lal Ghoda Kala Ghoda Tea Leaves 8) Smith and Jones Noodles 19) MRK Pasta

20) Zinga Energy Drink * Findings Came Out While Interviewing The Manager At Big Bazar: 1. Consumer prefers healthy food. 2. Focuses is more on Groceries, daily and FMCG products. 3. Strong distribution channels are P&G and HUL and ITC. 4. Product Promotion. 5. Good ambience. Features of FMCG Products: * Low Price * Frequently purchase of goods * Excellent distribution Network * High turnover * Brand Planning Strategy: 1. Babool Tooth Paste: * They should target the new segment * The promotional strategy should be improved * They should come up with variants . Nihar Hair Oil: * Communicate the brand in a different way * Packaging should be improved * Do a better sales promotion * They should more focus on R&D department 3. Dermi Cool Powder: * It should reduce the raw material * Come up with new promotional technique * Should more emphasis on endorsement policy 4. Passport Deodrant: * They should go for more market research * Promotional Strategy should be improved * Distribution should be improved 5. Humam Soap: * Should use of proper media channel * Promotional strategy should be improved * Should work on more advertisement

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