Salesperson Time Management

According to the profiles depicted in the case the following sales people fit the specific profiles. The Sales Person 1 in the case is a man who has 10 years experience and is currently earning $80,000 per year. The reason for the classification for Sales Person 1 has been that as the person experienced at the job and as a result he handles a large percentage of account servicing and problem calls from the customers and also has to indulge in certain amount of cold calling. However the time spent prospecting is much less for this person.

The Sales Person 2 is a female with about 7 years of work experience and a salary of $55,000 per annum. The justification for this profile is that with a certain amount of experience under the belt, the female sales person is able to handle an increasing number of account servicing calls and significant face to face sales. Due to the increasing face to face sales taking place the amount of traveling also increases. However the time spent prospecting is very minute.

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The Sales Person 3 is a male with 1 years experience at the job who is earning about $35,000 per year. The amount of face to face sales made by this person is the greatest as the person is building clients and future customers. The amount of time spent dealing with account service problems is minimal as the people with more experience on the job handle this work. The amount of time spent prospecting is also very high as the person is new to the job and spends more time thinking about his future prospects in the position.

Ideally sales people should spend most of their time on building clients. The process of building clients can take some time as negotiation and in depth relation building is required from both parties. A different type of allocation would be more effective as this is allocation according to time only, an allocation which shows the percentage revenue or contribution to growth would be more related for the purpose of the study as well as for the corporation.

The best way to evaluate sales people is by evaluating their competence and selling skills instead of only by revenue. Additionally they should also know how the business operatives in order to be confident about the product during the sale. Anchored rating scales like BARS can be used for evaluating sales personnel.