Rmg Sector in Bangladesh

Prepared For Mr. Ameer Khan Faculty, School of Business North South University Prepared By Tasmir Kamal 032 208 030 Date of Submission 5th July, 2006 Letter of Transmittal To MR. Ameer Khan Lecturer School of Business North South University Banani, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of MKT 382 Individual Project. Dear Sir, I have presented the Summer’06 MKT 382 term paper, which you assigned us to prepare and submit by 5th July, 2006 as a course requirement. This particular report has given me the opportunity to know about the ready made garments industry of Bangladesh.

I have came to know about the various implications that our politics have on our international business, especially that of the garments industry. I am grateful to you for giving me such an opportunity to learn the materials practically during the course. I enjoyed preparing the report though it was challenging to finish within the given time and up to your good taste. In preparing this report, I have tried my level best to include all the relevant information about the political implications on international business and garments sector, and tried to identify different aspects of the influence. Sincerely, Tasmir Kamal ID# 032-208-030

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Dated, Dhaka, 18th April 2006. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am indebted to many for providing me incentive and support during the time I was working on this project. I am very much grateful to Mr. Ameer Khan, our respective course instructor of MKT 382 to assign me this project. Without his excellent explanation of international business issues, it was quite impossible to finish this project properly in time. At every moment I remember all of my Friends and Peers who encouraged and helped me a lot for long, in every stage of this project, with their support, encouragement, affection and suggestions, which helped me a lot to make this project successful.