Results of Exercise

My score for concern for people is three (3) while my score for concern for task is fifteen (15). Personally, I can see that the development and success of group projects are based on the concern for task and not on the concern for people because I can say that if there would be greater concern for people’s sake, a certain project will not thoroughly develop and succeed. Logically, concern for people has a connection with emotional aspect while concern for task will stick on its plan as a task and as a professional interaction with the group. In this case, emotional aspect will manifest the performance of each member of the group, which can lead to unprofessional attack to the task and may result unsuccessful task. My answers in numbers 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 29, and 31 means that I can act as a leader of a certain group when it is needed because I can have my own sets of ideas and personality that will make my group mates work harder. On the other hand, I also agree that my answers in these numbers can also result negative feedbacks because others may think that I used my potential as a dictator and self-centered especially in numbers 7, 11, 13, and 31, which my answers are mostly frequently. I can also see that it means that I am in favor with a well-driven task that will bring more advantage to me as an individual. Still, based on my answer in number 26, I am willing to undergo and accept changes when it is needed in the group especially when it comes to the performances and task related aspect of the group.

Personal reflection/development

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Based on the result of the self-assessment, it only implies that I am focused on the task and the result of the task and not on the situation of my co-members. As what I have said in the result of the exercises, others may think negative about my assertion as an acting leader of the group but personally, I can say that it will help me mold as a good leader in the future. The most interesting assessment number are numbers 11 and 13 where in number 11 is I would always work hard for a promotion and in number 13 is I would frequently speak for the group when visitors were present. These numbers are proofs that I am doing a certain job or thing to promote myself and to be notice by others especially those visitors because I guess it is a better way to show my skills because it can bring me good future when people saw my skills and ideology.

I also agree with the result of the assessment where I have more concern with the tasks rather than the people because this is what I truly am. Nevertheless, I have also learned that even I am self-centered, I still obey rules and ready for any change that may come my way. In contradiction for my being task oriented person is that I would seldom get swamp into details, which can be seen in number 31. It means that I am not yet thoroughly ready with my goal as a future leader because despite of my personal attributes and skills, I do not have the capabilities of seeing all the details needed in my project especially those small details that would affect my task and performance. I can also say that this part of the assessment helped me realized that even if I had almost all the skills needed to be a leader in the future, the number 31 is one of the most important aspect. This aspect will help me appreciate small and big things that will give my people an assurance of their good performance as individuals and as workers of my group.

This assessment will help me develop my sense of leadership and my sensitivity to the needs of others. I have learned that I have a future in leadership and the skills that I have recognize through this assessment will open doors for me as a future leader to my chosen career. The result stated that I am more task-oriented person than being a people-oriented person, so I will extend my emotional aspect to the needs of the members of my group to give a balance assessment of my people-oriented and task-oriented aspect of leadership.

Taking Action

People-oriented is the only aspect that needs to develop in my assessment because it only got 3 points that shows low attributes for people-oriented aspect. However, my task-oriented aspect need not to change because it can give me good leadership stability in the future for it brings positive impact to me as a successful individual. On the other hand, as I have said in the personal reflection/development part that I will not become a successful leader if I am not sensitive with small details particularly with the needs of my members for I will become a leader someday and will have a group to create and work on.

According to the interpretation and analysis of the self-assessment test, the best leaders are one that can balance their task/people orientation to various situations. This statement means that a good leader should have the capability of balancing his task orientation and people orientation aspect, therefore, I can only become a good leader if I have the capability of balancing my emotional and critical aspect of leadership for these are interrelated aspects of success. If you have the mind for your tasks, you should have the heart for your people.

To develop my people-orientation aspect of leadership, I need to work on a group that is composed of individuals who have different social backgrounds to understand their needs. This kind of action may give me more values to the needs of others and not only on my personal needs. In this case, people with different social backgrounds can give me a greater perception on how to give certain attention to the sensibility of each individual. I also need to pay more attention to my sensitivity as individual and not always as a task-player. Through this action, individuals’ emotional response will give me a further realization of their perception and ideologies that may help our group tasks. Because of this, aside from knowing their emotional response, our tasks will be more ideological and sensible to others. Aside from these, I also have to incorporate humanistic approach to my group in order to give balance perception between the tasks and the emotional aspect. Giving a balance perception and action towards task and emotional aspect will bring harmonious leadership for these are the most important attribute for having good leadership individuality. Through these preferred actions, I will become more people-oriented person as I incorporate this characteristic to my task-oriented personality.