Responsibility is a word, which means different belongings to different individuals in different contexts. There are responsibilities, which are defined for us, and in various cases, which we are bound to complete, in others cases we should or may perform them, and responsibilities that we classify for ourselves. They can fit within three general categories: responsibility consists of stuff we do if we are told-duties; stuff we do because of requirement-obligations; stuff that we do without being asked-deeds.

Responsibilities are repeatedly multi-dimensional, seemingly ubiquitous and frequently dynamic. Responsibility can influence us without any idea being known to its survival, and at times, responsibility affects us with considerable idea being evoked. Responsibility can also force us to take action. Exploring responsibility means embarking on a unique journey of invention- a trip outward and a trip inward, a lot at the similar period.

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Man has constantly struggled with the problem of an individual responsibility, yet the great truth-seeker Aristotle admitted that there were cases in which he felt it was too complicated to also locate a personality responsible or not responsible for their dealings. Thus, we require a prepared set of individuality to explain responsibility. There are three necessary essential individuality of ethical responsibility that I use as a model to make a decision whether or not an individual ought to be held responsible for their actions. The first characteristic is, whether or not the individual causally contributed to the occasion occurrence, moreover submissively or energetically.

I judge that contributing to an event occurrence submissively might contain an individual performing out of casualness, for an example, if anyone could’ve without delay brought an end to an occasion occurring or ongoing and didn’t and as well fits the further two personalities of responsibility they ought to next be held responsible for the conclusion of the torment. The next standard that anyone ought to fit to be held responsible is whether he or she knew or must have acknowledged that the incident would occur.

As a blood relation with a little youngster, your most important aim is to teach him responsibility. When kids are growing up, particularly your own kids, you only want what is finest for them. You want them to create excellent decisions and the perfect choices. However, as we all know, at times that is not at all times what happens; that is why not only kids but public ought to admit responsibility for their dealings.

Responsibility goes hand and hand with games. If you cannot be a responsible individual, you will fight with games. It might not just from the participant part it might very well be from the training part. I have had the experience to study from both the players’ part but also from instructors prospective on responsibility. On whichever part there is a huge part of responsibility.

From being a trainer I was trained the responsibility of having public waiting for you to arrive to practice and be ready so both your moments and their moments can be used sensibly. There is a lot more responsibility on a trainer then on a performer, I suppose. A trainer has to have plans for the practice and be considered with the well-being of the players. You study the responsibility of having to look after a lot of extra public near yourself. When being a trainer you have to be confident that you are alert of wherever your players are. If you go on a trip then you have to be certain that each person gets on the bus.

When I was in school for past eight years and still I am so my experience was and is that I had a lot of work and there were and are a lot of responsibilities which I had and still have to complete it in time.

The following are some of my responsibilities as a student:-

We were and are supposed to study well. The monitors of each class are responsible that no we shall get out of the class in the absence of the teacher or make any noise. We were and are supposed to complete and submit our work in time and submit it. The responsibilities of the prefects are that they should check the uniform, nails, etc of us.

A responsible student should abide by the rules and regulations of his/her institution. He /she should take care of the prestige of the educational institution. Should always be regular and punctual and maintain discipline in the class. Affable towards the teachers. Should pay tuition fees and all other school due promptly. Should take interest. The students should select the subject in which he/she is interested. Should be punctual. Arrive in class on time or before time and should be regular. A good student will never miss out any classes/lectures. Should be hard working.

A student should not adopt foul means to get though the examinations and to achieve valueless degrees instead; he/she should work hard and achieve the goals sincerely. Obedience to parent and teacher. The student should abide by the rules of parents or teachers. He/she should act upon the instructions given by parents or teacher as their instruction/advice are guidance to the path of success. Disciplined and well organised-the students should be well dressed and should maintain discipline in class or elsewhere in the school/college premises. Participate in co-curricular activities- should always take part in debates, talent shows, sports, quiz’s, etc.

The head girl and the head boy’s responsibility are that they should check the prefects and even check us. We were and are supposed to behave well with the teachers and the other students as well. We are responsible for the stuff the school provides us. We are responsible to ask the teachers if we do not understand anything.

The above were some of the responsibilities that I have to obey as a student in the school and the prefects, head girl and head boy.

There are many responsibilities a daughter is supposed to do. My experience as a daughter for the past thirteen years is that I had and have many responsibilities to complete.

The following are some of my responsibilities as a very good daughter:-

I am responsible to take care of my parents. I am responsible to obey my parents whether they are wrong or right. I am responsible to maintain the house. I am responsible to love my parents that I do. I am responsible not to disturb them when it is their resting time. My responsibility is that I shall not do anything from which my parents get insulted or ashamed.

Mentioned above were some of my responsibilities as a daughter.

There are some of the responsibilities a citizen is supposed to do. My experiences as a citizen for the past years were and are many responsibilities to do.

The following are some of my responsibilities as a citizen:-

I am responsible for not throwing any garbage on the road or on the street. I am responsible for not making any in my home so that my neighbours do not get disturbed. I am not only responsible to keep my house neat but I am also responsible for keeping the place clean  which is out side my house. If I see another citizen on the road in any trouble or problem, so I am responsible to help the citizen.

The above mention responsibilities of mine were as a good citizen.

There are many responsibilities I have to do, for being a very good friend. There are some of the responsibilities I am doing it for the past thirteen years in my life.

The following are some of the responsibilities a very good friend is supposed to perform:-

I am responsible that my friend does not have any problem or anything that is disturbing her. I am responsible that I shall see if my friend understands everything that is going on in the class. I am responsible for making my friend smile and happy. I am responsible that my friend is sad or disturbed. I am responsible for trusting my friend and making my friend trust me, I am responsible for helping her if she has any problem in her studies. I am responsible for taking care of her

At the top were some of my responsibilities as a very good friend.

There are some responsibilities a sister is supposed to perform. There are some of the responsibilities I have to perform as a very good sister.

The following are some of my responsibilities as a very good sister:-

I am responsible to see that if my sisters are okay. I am responsible to make my sisters happy and make them smile. I am responsible that my sisters do not get sad. I am responsible to love of my sisters. I am responsible for respecting my sisters. I am responsible to obey my sisters I am responsible for not disturbing my sisters. I am responsible that if any friend of my sisters comes home then I am responsible for not disturbing them. I am responsible for not interrupting my sisters when the talk to anyone.

The top were some of the responsibilities I have to perform as a small sister.


In order to survive in this world, we all have to manifest our responsibilities. We all have different responsibilities to perform in a different role.