Reinstatement Letters

As I write this letter to you, I am doing so with an immense sense of hope, appeal and expectation. In 2007 I was enrolled as a full time student I was happy and healthy enjoying the things that life had thrown my way. My grades were passing and I felt like I was going to be able to concur the world.

I fell in love and got pregnant while working two jobs ,still trying to maintain school and school work I found myself over my head and under an extreme amount of stress. My grades suffered because of my pride, I felt that if I asked for help it would make me seem weak. I eventually had a miscarriage ( I can provide paperwork), because what I thought was love was a teenage definition of the word. All of these things combined cause me to not make the minium grade point average.

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Expressing that,not all can be blamed on my medical, family or personal reasons while they might have played a part I am big enough person to admit that I failed myself. Only children hide behind excuses and I am an adult and I see the error of my ways. While I am adult who can accept and see the mistakes she has made . I am still trying to find my place in life and learn to deal with all the issues that come with life. Everyone makes mistakes and you have to learn from them. I know I have. College is the place where you make mistakes in your life but it is also the place where you can change your life for the etter and I want to continue to learn from life and what my professors have to offer me. My life experiences have prepared me to be more focused on the main goal which is becoming a degreed woman changing the world with every responsible decision. Please do not let my grades at my former school exclude me from an opporutunity to pursue a first class education at Clayton State University. Upon acceptance I will display the drive and determination needed to complete all taskes at hand. In closing, I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely, Zyrice Mitchell 4/29/2011