Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace

In response to the different civil rights movement especially during 1960’s, the US government headed by its Legislative and Executive Branches enacted different Laws to unsure that various minority groups will be given equal opportunities in many areas of life while its Judicial Branch influences employment law by interpret it and holding trials concerning violations of the Law. Some of these laws were Equal Pay Act of 1963, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and Civil Right Act, which was amended from its original enactment since 1800’s.

The Laws enumerated above were only few of the laws enacted by the American Government for them to ensure the rights of its citizens whether they were black or white. Because as we know, the American continent specially the Northern America where the United States of America was situated was original settled by white people as they inherit it from the British colonizers. We can see that some Laws specially the Civil Rights Act were amended by many times so it can follow the trend of the development of the cultural orientation of the Americans.  These laws may be differing in definition and in subject. But nonetheless, its focus is to ensure equal opportunities in employment between the blacks and the white Americans. Moreover, these laws indeed provided the equal employment opportunities and a safer workplace that was actually the purpose of all these laws. As such, these laws will be able to provide equal treatment from employers regardless of employees color, sex and national origin.

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In effect these enacted Laws will deliver a greater development in peoples lives, enriching their spending power, a greater or deeper man power and human resources among the private or even public offices which demands locals man power and most of all this will enhance their individual capacity and talent which in the long run individuals could deliver their own fair share as far as the US macro economy is concerned as there will be a fair employment and safer workplace among individuals who work at the US.