Preparation for Advanced Study

Life learning is necessary for every people because without it a person would not have a personal growth in every aspect of the person’s life. Life learning is essential because it would help a person improves, it would give the person the knowledge and enlightenment of how life should be, specifically on how the person would live life to its fullest and making every second worthwhile. Everyone should experience life learning because it would help the person to be a better person, it would help him/her to cope up with the fast-changing world, and most importantly it would make the person somehow know what s/he wants to happen in his/her life. Life learning is hard when you think about it because it entails a lot of things. Sometimes a person thought that s/he has learned something worse s/he knows everything but end up with nothing. Learning does not just about knowing something or anything, learning is getting information and allowing it to alter the restored knowledge, skills, and habits by the means of   experiencing, practicing, and even exercising it.

Life-long learning has a lot of things to say. It helps the person develop his/her life as to what s/he will become in the future. This is necessary to have a sense of direction in living this life. Life-long learning does not mean that a person has learned a lot in life, experience wise. It is an advantage that a person has learned something that s/he can apply in the future, specifically in earning a college degree. It is hard to study and to support the whole process per se. it would cost a person’s family big amount of money. But in the end, it would pay off because its return is not something that can be replaced nor can it be stolen away. Life-long learning also helps an individual to realize his/her potentials and what s/he can do. It can help the person realize what s/he can offer to the world, what s/he can give out of his knowledge and brilliance.

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How does a person attain to be a life-long learner? There are several processes that can be done to achieve this. There should be a development of the student’s capability to adapt with the changing environment, like the student should be developed to be flexible in dealing with different conditions within varieties of circumstances. The learning process should be enjoyable because this will help the student to be interested to learn. This also means that the student can grasp every single information that were given to them in the sense that they would realize that it motivates them, it is relevant to their lives and they can apply it to their lives as well, that they can make use of it. The students should also be conditioned and/or taught of that there are things that they can not stop from changing. In this manner, it means that whenever there are changes that need to be done and is beneficial to the student there should be a sense of willingness.

As a life-long learner I am aware that I should also learn to be an effective student. In earning a degree I know it entails a lot of hardships, after all no one said that it will be easy. Achieving things means investing a lot of effort, time, and money.  Finishing college and earning a degree has been my goal way, way before. I want to be a productive citizen. I just do not want to help my family but the society as well. I know that life-long learning is not easy because it takes a lot of patience and effort to achieve this. It is not something that I can memorize nor study upon. It is something that I should experience and I should apply. I am also willing to use my experiences to be a great learner. I know that there are influences and circumstances that would affect me along the way. But I know that I should stand still and not be blinded with shallow promises. I can not get a degree without giving my all. I can not be there but not there really. I should also be determined and courageous to make things possible. I want to be the best that I can be to achieve my goal.

With all these things there is one thing that would help me really pursue the things I have mentioned – that is the concept of responsibility. In my past experiences there were times that I was held liable with something that I did not think will be accounted with me. But later on I have learned that I just lack responsibility, I neglected the situations that I should be responsible in the first time. I also know that in every thing that I do I should be responsible with the outcomes and consequences. With that I could learn more.

As an Applied Psychology student, I am aware that since I will be dealing with people in the future I know that change is permanent. With the changes of my “subject” I know that I should be able to adapt with them. As a life-long learner I am willing to be taught of different things. I would be cooperative with my instructors and I would do my best to be a worthy learner. I am also willing to undergo changes not only as a person but also as a learner because I am now aware that there are things that would really pay off in the future. A good investment will give a good product. I would also venture into different things that would help me develop and be successful in my chosen field. I also know that with my course I would be dealing with a lot of people having different backgrounds, because of this I would prepare myself to mingle with people who are in a way or two are different from me. I am also aiming that I would make a difference and I can be of great help to my chosen field. I want to make discoveries that would lead to breakthrough in Applied Psychology and will be beneficial to all. I want to do things that would better understand the people; with this there could be a way to patch up the differences of the most impossible condition of any gap between people.

Most importantly, my path of life-long learning to earn a degree would not stop in the four corners of the room. I would do anything just to prove that I can finish what I have started. I will not quit and even the going will be tough, I will be tougher. I am now equipped with the determination and perseverance with a little packs of wit and humor that would make me achieve my goal.