Portable Crushing and Screening Plant Price

Portable crushing and screening plant price Portable crushing and screening plant incorporates all the equipments together on one truck, which has high chassis, narrower body compared with other trucks, this ensure the crushing plant be easily transported on highways and moved to crushing sites, so it is able to achieve on-site crushing without material transporting from one place to another place. In addition, the lengthened plant is able to transport the final products to the motor-lorry directly.

It can start to work soon even in the bumpy ground without reinstallation, so it saves more time and money than fixed crushing plant which needs to install individual equipment one by one. Portable crushing and screening plant is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, construction material, hydroelectric fields to process materials that need to be moved frequently especially in processing the liquid stones of highway, railway, and hydroelectric subjects. Customers can equip differently according to different processing materials, scale and requirements of readymade products.

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The wheeled mobile crusher is especially good for operation in a small working site, processing and crushing of construction waste, whose characteristics are large capacity, medium-size crushing, high efficiency, economy, strong adaptability, self-contained conveyor. ?? Features of portable crushing and screening plant ?? (1) Compact design and integrated unit. Screening equipment, belt conveyors, impact crusher and other auxiliary equipment are mounted together in one truck trailer ?? (2) Trailer mounted and easy for transportation ?? (3) Automatic operation and easy maintenance.

Mobile crushing plant is controlled by electrical control panels. And it is mounted with convenient equipment, such as elevator which facilitates the maintenance and operation monitoring. ?? (4) Flexible and efficient. As mobile crusher is integrated, so it can work independently. Besides, according to different material types and final product requests, mobile crushers technical plan are adjustable. ?? (5) With support legs on the trailer (or track), easy for installation ?? (6) Truck trailer-mounted motor and electrical control panel is integrated and compact ??

How the portable crushing and screening plant working : ?? When the mobile crushing plant work, the rotor rotating high-speed under the motor is drove, then the materials into the function area of plate hammer and impact crushing with the plate hammer in rotor. Later break again in the counterattack device. And bounce back the plate hammer function area again to break from the counterattack foils. This process is repeated, until the materials being broken into the needed  [url=http://www. zy-crushing. com/]