Pepsi Co

Founded in 1893, Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink that is a product of the firm “PepsiCo. ” It the 1920s and 1930s it was the leading soft drink company in the market. From then to now a lot has changed in terms of market scenario as well as product development. The current market scenario comprises of two main market leaders in the soft drink industry, namely, Pepsi and Coca-Cola (Coke). In addition to these other competitors include Thumbs up, Limca, etc. Pepsi faces heavy competition in the Indian market that is so diverse in terms of cultures, traditions, tastes and preferences.

Narrowing the research to the city of Pune specifically, within India, it can be noticed that the consumer preference is more for Pepsi or Coke over the others. Since Pune is largely a student hub, it contains a lot of the younger generation population. Thus with the research conducted through this study, Pepsi will be able to study how it could get an upper hand over its competitors in the potential and booming market of Pune in terms of brand awareness and consumer preference. Need of the Study The need of the study conducted is highlighted below •Will help with competitor analysis. Will help the company to get an idea about consumer tastes and preference. •Will help the company get an upper hand over its competitors. •Will help the company to gain market dominance. •Will ensure brand loyalty. As it can be studied from the above graph which is based on the responses received from the target market of this study, Coke and Pepsi have a neck to neck competition with Coke leading as compared to the other companies including Pepsi. Thus the main need of this study is for Pepsi to analyze ways in which it could replace Coke to be the market dominator in Pune.

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It must focus on the branding, pricing and packaging parameters mainly in order to improve or introduce newer products into the market and that is exactly the kind of information this study would provide the firm with. Scope of the Study Scope of the study includes- •Parameters such as competitor analysis, branding and packaging analysis. •It focuses on carbonated soft drinks. •Does not include water and alcoholic beverages. •Limited to the city of Pune. •Research conducted of behalf of Pepsi. •Includes bottled as well as can soft drinks. •Limited to age group of about fifteen to forty five years. Both males and females included. Methods of Data Collection There are two methods of data collection- 1. Primary 2. Secondary Primary Data was collected through the use of questionnaire. First hand information was made available by distributing questionnaires to 50 people in the target market. Secondary It refers to collection of data that already exists and is within reach of everyone else as well. For the purpose of this study secondary data methods such as the internet and various articles were used. Statistical Tools Used •Bar Graph •Pie Charts •Questionnaire Company Profile

Pepsi is a product of the company PepsiCo that is an American multinational company that has its base in New York. It was founded in 1965, after the merger of Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito Lay. The CEO of the firm is a dynamic Indian lady named Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, who has held her position since 2006. PepsiCo owns various firms, namely- ?Frito Lay ?Tropicana ?Quaker Oats ?Gatorade Various products introduced include ?Diet Pepsi ?Lipton Ice Tea ?7 Up ?Mountain Dew ?Miranda ?Lays ?Doritos These are a few products amongst many others. Few of PepsiCo’s rival firms include- Coca-Cola ?Kraft ?Red Bull ?Nestle ?Snapple Thus to summarize the above data, since 1965, the year PepsiCo was founded, it has extended its product line not only in the beverage market but also in the food market. Its product lines include Pepsi, Lays, Doritos, 7 Up, Gatorade, etc. Its ever-expanding innovation in terms of products is the number one unique selling point. PepsiCo focuses on carbonated drinks such as 7 Up, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi. It has non-carbonated drinks like Lipton Ice Tea and Aquafina. Its products in the snack market include Doritos, Lays (Magic

Masala, Salted, Caribbean, etc). Thus PepsiCo has a strong market hold in terms of its product line and diversification making it one of the leading beverage companies globally. SWOT Analysis Below is the SWOT analysis for PepsiCo StrengthWeakness •Brand Name •Vast product line •Competent CEO•Unhealthy products •Less focus on main product due to vast product line. OpportunityThreats •Innovative products for future •More successful mergers/acquisitions •Positive market potential. •Change in consumer preference and tastes •Increasing competiton