Parvana Journey

Parvana by Deborah Ellis is a brave girl, do you agree? Yes I agree that Parvana is a brave girl because she has a great skill using things and she has a great imagination of planning things out and also she’s a survivor. Parvana has to do it for the family because she has a bossy sister who doesn’t do anything. Parvana has great skills because she has confidence of what she’s doing. Parvana had to dig up skills from the cemetery and it was a worst job but she used her skills and she was confidence and not lay back.

Parvana also has a great of getting things done as soon as possible because she eleven years old girl but she was amazing, at disguising herself as a boy and not showing emotion while she was witnessing acts of slaughter among people. “I kicked them out of the way” Parvana joked, but she was still shaking” page 112 Parvana has a great imagination of planning like putting things together and make the right decision.

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Parvana and Shauzia had a plan of meeting each other in 20 years however the plan was good and Parvana because it was an adventure for Parvana to see something new, where people are happy and there is no violence and peace place in Paris. Parvana was excited about this and at the same time she was scared as well because it’s a long journey. “The top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I told you I was going to France. ” Page 167 Parvana has a great survival skill by changing her hair into a boy and dressed as a boy just to help for her family.

Parvana has a great survival skill like when the Taliban’s soldiers came and she acted as a boy and she was brave enough to do that and she did it by her braveness. Parvana found out that she’s not the only one who is doing the survival, other girls are also doing it like one day she found a friend from school who also dressed as a boy and had her hair done. She was surprised as she saw one of her friends from school because everyone left and all the schools are closed because of the Taliban’s.

Parvana new she was faced with three choices, one choice was not to go to the bathroom and until she gets home and the other choice was to go to the bath room outside the door way and this is not just a normal bathroom, this bathroom is filled with land miners. Parvana survived because she had a great imagination, she didn’t worry about anything and didn’t feel scared about what disaster acts she witnessed. Parvana was a good at hiding emotion and she coped with every situation and with the manners. THE END