Of Gods and Men

Reilly 1 Melanie Reilly, “I Pledge” Mr. Miano Theology III Bell GH 6 May 2013 Of Gods and Men Of Gods and Men tells the story of nine Trappist monks, seven of which, are tortured and executed by Islamic fundamentalists. They had received several threats from these fundamentalists. They were not sure of whether or not to leave their monastery, but ultimately decided on staying. Due to this decision, their monastery was invaded and they were held hostage by the Islamic fundamentalists.

They were eventually executed. These monks were real Christians, Cistercians and I liked their community. These monks are the definition of model Christians. They devoted their whole lives to God and prayer. They spent every waking moment with the Lord. They live under the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Every single thing they do is for God, and that requires a great amount of dedication. Monks truly exemplify model Christians. The monks in Of Gods and Men are Cistercians.

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This means they are Trappist monks. I could never be a nun or Cistercian monk. It requires way too much dedication and I love my Reilly 2 freedom. I could not imagine a life of solitude without my family or friends. I definitely would not be able to live that way. I really like the monk community. They do not bother anyone and it sounds like they are genuinely great people. They are perfectly harmless to the world. Monks choose to live their peaceful lives on their own, separate from everyone else.

They have chosen to live their life the way they do and do not force upon anyone their beliefs or opinions. I very much approve and like the monk community. Of Gods and Men gave me great insight on Trappist monks. It also made me aware of all the horrible situations going on around the world, much like what happened in the movie. I enjoyed watching the movie. It was very heart-felt and well done. It was one of the best movies we have watched all year.