Nature for people

It is second nature for people to be unwilling to make changes in their life . They prefer doing things they are familiar with because they do not want to take any risks. There are some problems it can lead to as well as the solution to them. As you know, nowadays the advanced technology make us have to keep learning, updating what is new everyday and changing the methods regularly to work more effectively. However, some people do not like to change their life styles.

They just keep working in the way they are accustomed to and afraid of trying any other things. Sooner or later, their work efficiency will decrease and they will be fallen behind. Throughout one’s life, it is inevitable that they are put in the situations in which they have to change something. Take for example, it is when people change their job or move their house to another neighborhood. At first, it is really difficult to adapt to new environment and make new friends. Sometimes they have to break some old habits or learn new language.

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If they refuse to change themselves, they will never fit in and can probably be isolated. From my point of view, the only solution is that you should be ready to make changes when you face up with the problems. You ought to think that making a change is not difficult, it just take some time and efforts. It is easy to understand that doing the things you have already done well is at first preferable, but you cannot go on with this all the time while the world is changing rapidly. Resisting making changes just make your life monotonous.

You need to be willing to change if it is necessary and worthy, such as learning to use modern technology to improve your work, try to get used to the customs and culture in the area you have just moved in to really become a part of this new society. As time passes by, these changes will make your life happier and more comfortable. In conclusion, the fact that people do not want to make changes can cause some problems, so you should be ready for any changes in your life. 350 words