Mr Childminder

Using the template provided create each of the following policies: A Procedure lists the actions you will take to carry out a policy. You will need a procedure for every policy! Keep it simple Your policy should start with a short, clear statement eg: “It is my policy to keep children safe when they are in my care. ”Say what you are going to doList the things that you will do to ensure that your opening statement is met. Think about your practice and your premises. Do your polices/procedures reflect your working practices?

In your ProcedureSay how you will do them and when. (for example under what circumstances) If you are a member of PACEY you are able to look at the PACEY sample policies and procedures but just use them as a guide – DO NOT JUST COPY THEM as this will make them worthless for you, not acceptable for assessment and may give cause for concern when you are inspected accidents, illness and emergencies behaviour safeguarding equal opportunities Relevant Assessment Criteria: 1. 2 Develop policies and procedures for each of the 4 and explain how these will be implemented. ) accidents, illness and emergencies b) behaviour c) safeguarding d) equal opportunities 2. 5 Explain how to store and administer medicines 6. 3 Outline regulatory requirements for safeguarding children that affect home based childcare 6. 4 Explain the procedures that need to be followed by lone workers in home based settings when harm or abuse are suspected or alleged, either against them or third parties 7. 2 Explain how ground rules for behaviour and expectations are developed and implemented 13. 4. 2012] How to submit your work Research and prepare your answer in an electronic format agreed with your Assessor, for example Microsoft Word. As you work through this course you will be prompted to focus on one of the Case Studies. When you have completed each one then open this assignment again and upload your work as prompted. Your Assessor will receive, open and mark your work, feedback to you and update your online gradebook (see under settings on your left) once ALL documents have been submitted.

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