Minds Are Opened When Only Hearts Are Opened

In questions no 1 to 20 some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which parl of a sentence has an error and blacken the oval ( ) corresponding to the appropriate letter (A, B, C) If a sentence is free from error, blacken the oval ( )corresponding to (D) in the Answer sheet. 1. He said (A) / that he wanted a room (B) / and that his luggage would follow. C)/ No error (D). 2. Our country (A) / does not lack (B) / in scientists of quality. C) /No error (D). 3. What really matters (A) / in the struggle for life (B) / is to overcome one’s fear. C) / No error (D). 4.

It is believed (A) / that smoking is (B) /one of the causes of cancer. (C)/ No error (D). 5. This watches superior (A) / and more expensive (B) / than that one. C) / No error (D). 6. It is feared that (A) / hundreds of people (B) / have lost lives. (C) No error (D). 7. He is (A) / one of those students (B) / who comes late regularly. (C) / No error (D). 8. No other newspaper (A) / has so large a circulation (B) / like this newspaper in India (C) / No error (D). 9. It was (A)/ me who telephond (B) / the fire service. (C) / No error (D). 10. Though she appears to be very tall (A) /she is just an inch (B) / taller than me. C) / No error (D). 11. These meteorological disturbance disturbances in the atmosphere of art criticism (A) / have crossed over to our own shores (B) / bringing mist and clouds in its wake. (C) / No error (D). 12. This Child (A) / was run over (B) / with a private bus. (C) No error (D). 13. Kambli is one of the players (A) / who has been selected (B) / for the test match. (C) / No error (D). 14. We can decide it (A) / only after (B) / fartherinvestigation. (C) / No error (D). 15. On every Sunday (A) / I play cricket (B) / in the afternoon. (C) / No error. / No error (D). PAPER–II ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND COMPREHENSION

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SOLVED PAPER SSC GRADUATE LEVEL TIER-II EXAM Held on: 16-09-2012 Downloaded From : http://sscportal. in Downloaded From : http://sscportal. inSSC Graduate Tier–II (16-09-2012) 16. Please arrange (A) / for my boarding and lodging (B) / in Tirupathi. (C) / No error (D). 17. Each boy and girl (A) / in the class (B) / bring a text book each day. (C) / No error (D). he would pass 18. Two millions people (A) / attend the meting (B) / held in parade grounds. (C) / No error (D). 19. Had millions people (A) / the examination (B) / in first class. (C) / No error (D). 20. He not only play (A) / tennis regular (B) / but also cricket. C) / No error (D). Directions: In questions no. 21 to 25, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (S). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the Four and indicate it by blackening the appropriate oval () in the Answer Sheet. 21. After the treatment, he was relived ———– – ___________ the pain (A) for (B) Of (C) from (D) With 22. Several items have been left____________ from (A) Out (B) Within (C) Behind1 (D) Off 23. I have not paid my school fees_________+ (A) Alread (B) Now (C) Then (D) Yet 24. She has seen this movie twice. A) Yet (B) Often (C) Already (D) Quite 25. My father has _________ returned home from work. (A) Now (B) Never (C) Defense (D) Just Directions: In questions no. 26 to 28, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word and mark it in the Answer Sheet. 26. Onslaught (A) Counterattack (B) Resistance (C) Defense (D) Invasion 27. Grotesque (A) Exposure (B) Stupidity (C) Absurd (D) Trial 28. Ignominy (A) Exposure (B) Stupidity (C) Disgrace (D) Trial Directions: In Questions no. 29 t 31, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word and mark it in the Answer Sheet. 9. Fervent (A) Partial (B) Dispassionate (C) Ardent (D) Decent 30. Garrulous (A) Verbose (B) Serious reticent (C) Gaunt (D) Gaunt 31. Scrupulous (A) Scrupulous(B) Wise (C) Caring (D) Careful Directions: In questions no. 32 to 34, there are four different words out of which one is wrongly spelt find the wrongly spelt word and indicate it by Downloaded From : http://sscportal. in Downloaded From : http://sscportal. inSSC Graduate Tier–II (16-09-2012) blackening the appropriate oval () in the Answer 32. (A) fervent (B) Favour (C) Fervou (D) Decision 33. (A) Decision (B) Position (C) Incision (D) Collusion 34. A)Heterogeneous (B) Virtuous (C) Ingenious (D) Ingenuous Directions: In questions no. 35 to 44, four alternatives are given for the given idiom / phrase of as underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/ phrase and mark it the Answer Sheet. 35. The mother- in law expected her daughter-in law to be always at her beck and call. (A) Ready to withdraw (B) Ready to serve (C) Ready to call (D) Ready to play 36. When I opened the door, my books were lying at sixes and sevens. (A) In neat order (B) In disorder (C) Under the table (D) In piles on the floor 37.

His behavior indicates that he has blue blood (A) feels depressed often (B) Suffers anemia (C) Belongs to a royal family (D) Has diseased blood 38. I am trying to figure out the hidden agenda in yesterday’s meeting. (A) Wicked motive (B) False Idea (C) Indirect tax (D) Secret reason 39 . He always seems to get the lion’s share of the projects (A) An insignificant part (B) The minimum share (C) An equal share (D) A major share 40. Oliver Twist was between black and blue and blue when he asked for more food (A)Remonstrated (B) Whipped badly (C) Thrashed severely (D)Given a scolding 41. To pull wool over someone’s eyes A) To investigate (B) To reprimand someone (C) To deceive another (D) To keep a secret 42. I find myself in a position where I have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. (A) Near the horrid sea (B) In a state of confusion (C) Out of one’s proper place (D) Between two equal evils 43. Even a small toy can become an apple of discord between two Children. (A) Cause of happiness (B) Cause of meeting Downloaded From : http://sscportal. in Downloaded From : http://sscportal. inSSC Graduate Tier–II (16-09-2012) (C) Tasty like an apple (D) Cause of dispute 44. Do you think this examination is a ard nut to crack? (A) Similar to planting a nut tree (B) A difficult job (C) A Boring job (D) Similar to to cracking a nut Directions: no. 45 to 64 the 1st and the last parts of the sentence paragraph are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence / paragraph is split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S, These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence / paragraph and find out which of the four combinations is correct and mark it in the Answer sheet. 45. The role of modern youth P. As they have to not only Q. Then that of their forefathers R. Keep the torch of freedom aloft S.

Is far more challenging 6. But also keep it always lit. (A) SQPR (B) QSPR (C) SRPQ (D) RSPQ 46. Modern education is bookish P. The harsh realities of life Q Imparted in schools and colleges R. And divorced from S. The so called liberal education 6. Dose not helps students earn their livelihood. (A) RPQS (B) QSPR (C) RPSQ (D) PRSQ 47. The Great Lakes are a group of Superior is so called not because it is the largest, P. Superior is so called not because it is the largest, Q. On the border between the USA and Canada R. Five freshwater lakes on North America S. Bur because it is higher upstream than the others. . Huron takes its name from the name French setters gave it. (A) PQRS (B) RQPS (C) SPRQ (D) QPSR 48. Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is the only one in the country to have runways equipped with a CAT IIIB Instrument Landing System. P. This technology guides pilots to land even when visibility is cut to 50 meters. Q. This is because R. Finding an explanation for such failure wont’t be easy. S. However, it falls to operate often. 6. The issue involves multiple stake holders and a web of unclear briefs. (A) PQRS (B) PQSR (C) PQRS (D) PRSQ 49. TheAustralians were very proud and felt privileged P.

In their country Q. To host the Olympic R. As it elevated their stature S. In the eyes of the world Downloaded From : http://sscportal. in Downloaded From : http://sscportal. inSSC Graduate Tier–II (16-09-2012) 6. At the threshold of the new millennium (A) SPQR (B) RQSR (C) QPRS (D) PRQS 50. Ram has an important examination to sit for in a few weeks time. P. But he could not concentrate. R. What He saw was not very nicehe was very plae. R. He sat to down to prepare for it. S. After a while he looked ate himself in the mirror. 6. He said to himself,” What I need is Fresh air. ” (A) QSPR (B) SQRP (C) PQRS (D) RPSP