Managing Fire Danger in Inland Northwest

The Inland North West is the most effected region by the wildfire. The problem of wildfire is a very complex in nature and thus can truly be called as a “wicked problem”. The current position of the forestland in the Inland Northwest is the result of 100 years of biophysical and demographic changes. In the past 100 years different fire management approaches have been adopted like aggressive fire suppression, let bur policy and the recent collaborative approach. But there is a deep mistrust and controversies over the different methods of treatment. Prescribed burning is considered risky and there are confusions over the area and interval of treatment. Thinning also has the same dilemmas as well as it faces great mistrust from the public and environmental movements of the region. No treatment approach has all those dilemmas as well as the danger of increasing number of fires outside the historic range. All these problems are due to mistrust, intolerance for the treatment and policy uncertainty. (Carroll, Blatner, Cohn & Morgan, 239-244)

911 in Yellowknife

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The administration of Yellowknife is trying to setup emergency call 911 services. The administration has taken the installation of the system seriously after the death of Freeda Hope in 2000 due to hyperthermia. Her brother said, “If there was a service like 911 it would have made a difference”. Percy Kenny the former chief coroner of Yellowknife was compelled to call for the installation of 911 services because of this incident. He says that the awareness capability is virtually built-in for this. He said that not everybody knows the emergency number. He complained that the provincial government is not helping them out in this regard. The survey done by CBC showed that most of the attendants of the survey do not know the current emergency numbers of the city. Gordon Van Tighem the mayor of the city hoped that they will be starting the services in the next 18 months. He said that the territorial government has agreed to participate in the installation process. David Ramsey member of the Northwest Territory’s legislative assembly told that we need to understand the disparity between Yellowknife and other regions and we want to provide 911 service in the city and neighboring region. (911 in Yellowknife)