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The reason of why I want to enter into this type of an agreement with Marietta, mainly because of my past experience has left me uneasy. Not only has the financial been traumatic, but the fight for equal custody was strenuous. After few years of counseling, I regained my dignity and again started my life. Now I do not want the same incident to repeat once again and by chance my second relationships with Marietta doesn’t go well. Then, I want to handle it more maturely without letting my morals get hurt and that the reason of why the agreement is needed for me.

My biggest fear is that my past could repeat and I do not want to suffer in the same manner like I did four years back. The biggest pain would be losing the custody of my child that Marietta could take my child and move to Philippines. In which, she feel that the child would be better off living near her “close-knit family” where they would give more love and affection. In my pre-nuptial agreement, I want to include all the clauses which will give me equal rights on my child and the benefits. Also, other fear I had from my previous divorce that I would lose a lot of my hard earned money and to overcome that fear.

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I prefer to have a pre-nuptial agreement as my defense and protection of my financially. A pre-nuptial agreement gives the rights to have finances separate that every state has laws appoint certain kinds of resources gather during marriage as marital property or community property (Nolo – What the Laws Allows). Such as, if there was occur that Marietta and I get a divorce or I was to die. Then, our marital or community property will be divided, either by agreement or by a court (Nolo – What the Laws Allows). Other law of the agreement is providing for children from prior marriages and this is helpful.

Since, I have one child from previous marriage that I have the right to claim my child to inherit the share of my property (Nolo – What the Laws Allows). One of the biggest concern I have, is to make sure my child will inherit the share of my property and knowing the pre-nuptial agreement would guarantee. Even though, Marietta would be a wonderful step-mother and having the agreement to settle. Beforehand, would let myself be insuring of how I want her to relate to my child and my child’s future. Since, Marietta has never been married before, but has strong family ties and family values.

In which, is great for Marietta to have a strong relationship with her family, but brings other concern for me. If we’re having a divorce that she would take my child or a child in the future (we could have) to the Philippines. A pre-nuptial agreement have given advantage of strengthen relationship that people often imagine a negotiating a prenup could leads to conflict (Nolo – Benefits and Drawbacks). But, in my case it won’t and I would know. Because I believe having the agreement will help my relationship with Marietta stronger. Then, my old marriage and the communicating about money matters can actually improve the quality.

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