Lord of the Files Explications

Explicate the following quote(s) 1) “What I mean is……. maybe it’s only us. ” -In this quote Simon expresses his thoughts about how the boys have been acting so far in the story. He believes and states that the beast isn’t anything circular, not anything that moves but just them. In a way what he says is true and this shows that Simon is a kind of person that thinks out of the box, he believes that there is a reason for everything and also an answer for all.

The beliefs and thoughts of the other characters affect Simon in a more designated way than any other character probably due to the fact that he is more of a sensitive, spiritual type. The beast is becoming the most important part at this point and has begun a time of terror and evil. The beast in them is the sense of savagery, the knowledge of being able to do all they want, the advantage of being in the wild, more or less not being bossed around by anyone. The other boys received the opinion in a more ironic way and harassed him at the thought, even though it is going to come back to bit them. ) “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of men’s heart, znd the fall through the air of his wise friend, Piggy. ” -Ralph is a little on the contrary, where as he should be happy, cheerful to be safe he begins to think about all that has happened and how this has changed him. Ralph now understands what was that happened, he realizes that Piggy was amazing and he let the opportunity pass. Indeed he could picture things being different from how they were.

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Although the boys are now rescued in comparison to other books who’s endings are joyful and celebration type, Lord of the Flies hade more of a reflexive ending in which the main character Ralph, is left thinking. Ralph is now a changed person, he will look at life through a different aspect, and although people might see this a very bad thing for the boys that experienced this might see it as a positive thing. He knows he will never be the same; he has lost his little boy innocence and has learned clearly that in every human being even a small speck of evil lurks.

From this, many of the boys will learn the way and things that life prepares you, some good, some bad but you will always have to except the worst out of every situation and hope that you will overcome it in the most successful way possible. Elis Hidalgo Mr. Matlack Honors English 9 11/09/11 Lord of the Flies Final Assessment Part II: Throughout history it has been known that women have brought stability to places and most certainly have changed, influenced the way things ought to be done. In Lord of the Flies, the presence of females would have changed many things indeed.

Although men are seen as the more influential body in a family, behind every good man there is a good woman. Women were created to help their man and serve them in every way possible, we were made to assist you and make sure that the way you do things is the correct way. Having females in the story would have changed the whole concept of the story and would of erupted many more disagreements and disputations between the kids. Females are more sensitive and nurturing than males, probably blocking both of the deaths that occurred.

Ralph and Jack’s major disputation that ultimately led toSimon’s death, with the presence of a group of girls things would have gone differently. The assembly was held as always every individual who possessed the conch at the moment had the right to speak without disruptions. Rules were set from day one, although not everyone followed them promptly, they were there. Jack is known for being the intrepid of the group, as he always breaks the rules and instead uses them to his own advantage.

Introducing Sarah and Ashlee into the plot would have eliminated this climax as they would have interrupted the fighting and avoided the segregation of the group. Group gathered on the platform when the assembly was called, they feared and immediately Ralph and Jack began to fight. “I called it. ” Stated Ralph “If you hadn’t called it I should have. You just blew the conch” “Well isn’t that calling it? ” “Okay, Okay! ” Said Ashlee. “Can’t you two just shut up for the sake of God? ” “I know right, I would expect the littluns to react this way but not you two, get it together now! ” Followed Sarah.

The boys were calm and tensions had again lowered, everyone was doing what best liked. Samneric were in the sand making castles, Piggy was chatting with Simon and Sarah, Ashlee, Ralph and Jack were planning the next steps. Simon, Ashlee and Sam were assigned to work on a fourth shelter to even out the people and Jack, Roger, Eric and Sarah on the fifth one, for herself and Ashlee. The afternoon went smoothly and everyone was put, it was time for the hunters to go hunt, for the explores to explore and for the others to just find resources but Simon knew he needed to find that so called “Beast”.

Simon went up the mountains and witnessed the dead body lying on the rock as it lifted when the wind blew and slammed back down when it retrieved its’ power. He ran down the mountains and into the woods as it darkened finding his way to the pool. Everyone was surrounding the pool, chatting and telling stories about their infancies as Simon walks in and Jack mistakes him for the beast. “It’s the beast quick get your spears. ” “NO, please, it’s me Simon. ” Ashlee has now moved closer into the woods realizing it is a person with only two legs and this is Simon. “No! Stop! ” She screams. You guys calm down he is trying to tell you something not kill you. Simon what is it that you are saying? ” “It’s the beast. ” “What about the beast? ” “It’s the pilot, he is dead. ” Questions flung in every direction as the rain began to pour, they ran back to the shelters and Ashlee and Sarah stayed with Samneric as they tend to have nightmares. They ask the girls many questions, they manage to answer them all and put the boys to sleep as soon as possible, the night has been ugly but luckily they are all safe. As we can see women/girls are an essential part of life, they are whom start the families and also nature them.

Girls are indispensable and have a huge impact on everything in life rather for good or for bad it is what makes us stand out. From the start to the end the Lord of the Flies would have changed even with the presence of one girl. Ashlee and Sarah absolutely impose change into how things occurred in the story without doubt things would have changed completely. Girls to help their males and serve them they were made to assist you and make sure that the way you do things is the correct way. These are the main reasons why the novel would have changed.