Long Island Ripper

Rebecca Brehm Criminology – CJC 112 Long Island Ripper July 2007 to Current Corpus Delicti: Serial Killer in Long Island on the loose and cases still unsolved. Bodies of at least 10-14 Murdered victims associated with prostitution in dumped on the South side of Long Island and in some cases unidentified. Investigators believe the suspect is a resident of Long Island. Murders discovered over last 15 years and seem to be linked according to investigators. Investigators believe the murders are being done by one particular person.

There are no known witnesses. Victimology: Six women between the ages of 20-27 were identified as prostitutes who advertised their services online. Four sets of remains were found all within two miles of each other which included two women, a man, and a toddler. There are also other cases but are not officially linked at this time. Criminology of Offender: Of the ten bodies, four were found strangled and their bodies wrapped in a burlap sack. The bodies were always found at another place other than the site where the murder was originally done.

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Most of the bodies were found along the South Shore of Long Island. Suspect contacted the victims by phone because of their advertisement by internet. Very high intelligence because of the knowledge of police procedures possibly by ties to law enforcement. Victim/Offender Interaction: Most cases, the interaction was through prostitution but there were some where the interaction was unknown. Modus Operandi: No valuable taken that we know of at this time. No weapons found or any evidence at all.

Most of the murder victims were strangled and bodies found dumped along the South side of Long Island wrapped in burlap sacks. Most of the cases were linked by prostitution. Most of the victims were prostitutes advertising themselves over internet. Long Island Ripper Profile Report Organized Offender 3/13/2013 Dear Detective Jones, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity in reviewing the case of The Long Island Ripper. You have supplied me with a number of reports, including the crime scene photographs and locations.

According to my knowledge that I have gained in reviewing the Long Island Ripper case, I have supplied the following information. In my impression on the suspect that may be valuable to you in solving the case, please see the following details. AGE: I believe the suspect is in his mid thirties. Most serial killers are between the ages of 25 and 35. SEX/RACE: I believe the suspect is a white male. Serial killers are often white males. INTELLIGENCE: I believe the suspect is an organized killer of very high intelligence.

The suspect doesn’t leave any evidence behind. EDUCATION: I believe the suspect has a high degree of education in the criminal justice field. The suspect is very knowledgeable of law enforcement techniques which help him in covering up his moves every step of the way. FAMILY/MARITUAL STATUS: I believe the suspect has never been married and has no kids. I believe the suspect has gone through a traumatic experience during childhood. Most serial killers have had a troubled life at some point that triggered these acts.

RESIDENCE/LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: I believe the suspect is a Long Island Resident or formal resident because he is very familiar with Long Island. I also believe the suspect lives alone. Serial killers usually aren’t people you know. VEHICLE TYPE AND CONDITION: I believe the suspect drives a van that blends in and doesn’t stand out. Most serial killers capture their victims by pulling them into their vans. EMPLOYMENT/OCCUPATION: I believe the suspect works or have worked for the Long Island Police Department. The suspect has too much knowledge of this particular field. Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Brehm