Life is always a test. Yes, most of the time that we spent in this world is a series of tests, quizzes, and trials that we have to gone through and through. Consider this, we encounter different degrees of ordeal—maybe it tough or feeble. Whatever extent the conflict of life offers, it is certain that it affects us, as much as it affects people around us, too. Perhaps it would bring us joy, fear, disappointment or frustration yet at the same time, it shapes the character that we have now.  Let me tell you about the strong and weak situation that I have experienced. It was the same experience that strongly shaped my personality as well.

I remember the moment that I had a huge fight with a very close friend. I do not recall how it started; I just remember how and when it happened. At that time, I was in school and intently doing a mini-project. Suddenly he called me up on the phone and asked if I could go outside after my class to meet him. And I did. Wearing an ordinary school get-up, I waited until the time that we meet. I fancied wearing ordinary things, in fact. Later on, he and his three other buddies fetched me after my class. To my surprise, he was ferociously yelling at me and accusing me of things that I would never think of doing. He kept on cursing and yelling and cursing again, beyond the words that I could not put into print. That time, my other friends were there to help me up. Or so I thought. Hours have gone and yet my other friends did nothing but support what my friend is accusing me. I was really hurt and so I cried and ran—ran away from someone I thought was a real friend. I thought we would never meet again. But I was wrong. Months after the incident, there was an inevitable situation that I and my former friend need to attend to. I do not wish to come at first.  However, I suddenly thought that perhaps I could tone down my frustration and go on with life. I wouldn’t have a good life if I didn’t, anyway.  And so I came. But now, I came prepared. I wore a black leather mini skirt matching my bloody-red sleeveless attire. I curled my hair, put on some make-up and looked at the mirror again. In my mind, I wanted to make sure that even if we fight again, I wanted to pick pieces of myself by sticking with my self-confidence. Knowing I’m a knock-out inside and out boost up my confidence, you see. It was successful. From the moment I laid my eyes upon on him again, I didn’t thought that I was a weakling meager, just as what I felt before. People around me did the same thing, I supposed. We act similarly now since the day that we realized that self-confidence is necessary for inner growth and development. They learned from me and I learned from them.

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In essence, I consider the first incident a weak situation since my friends and I acted differently from each other. Since we all have different thoughts, we acted as if we were never a friend before. It was a weak-situational determined narration of experience because it can be seen that from language, mode of dress, and even the people that were involved in the incident were unsure of the events that may happen between me and my former friend. On the other hand, the second situation portrays a strong-situational determined one. This is because it entails transformation of one’s self and a strong confidence, similar thought and beliefs were also seen from this event. Even though it was not an easy way to go through with life, changing the mode of language, mode of dress and changing about your self-concept really helps in boosting up one’s confidence.  I learned that in life, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, but it does when you quit or get up. You see, failure is not the opposite of success, quitting is.