Lesson Plan Detailed

At the end of the class hour, at least 95% of the students should be able to: 1. Define Noun and identify its two main kinds; 2. Differentiate the Proper Noun and Common Noun; 3. Give some examples of Proper Noun and Common Noun. II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Noun with its main two kinds Reference: Josephine B. Serrano, 1994, Communication Arts and Skills P. 75 III. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS PowerPoint Factsheets IV. LEARNING PROCESS Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity The teacher will begin in Prayer)(The students’ Pray) Good Afternoon/Good morning class How are you today? Fine thank you Alright, did you research the 8 parts of speech? Yes ma’am So, is there anyone who can recite it I will give pointsmany students raise their hands (The teacher will select to the students) Ok student 1Student 1: Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, adverb, preposition, interjection, conjunction Very good! Who can give me example of a name of things? Student 1: Ma’am Bag How about lace? Student 2: Marawi City Excellent! So now, where going to deal with the first parts Of speech which is Noun together with its main Kinds First, all the example that you have given awhile go Is called NounSome students are silent Yes Class! Because Nouns defines as name of a Person, places, things and other For instance Kikim, it is a name of person, Am I right? Yes Ma’am Loptop, for a thing And Philippines for a place Did you understand class? Yes ma’am So let us move on the two main kinds Of Noun

Who can guest the first kind of NounStudent 1: Ma’am Proper Noun Very Good! Proper noun refers to the specific Person, place, things and other For instance Piolo, Marawi City, Mongol 2 Did you understand? Yes Ma’am So, another kind of noun is a Common noun Then, Common Noun refers to Any class of people, place, things and Other For instance Parents Who can give me an example of place? Many Students raise their hands (Teacher selects a student) Student 1: Island Very good! How about things? Student 2: Pencil Excellent!

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So, I think everyone of you understand The two main kind of a NounYes Ma’am Ok, I’ll give you 5 minutes to review your note (5 minutes passed) Ok! Class get ? sheet of paper Discussion end V. EVALUATION a. Give at least 10 Examples of a Proper Noun and Common Noun. (20 points) VI. HOMEWORK Study in advance the other kinds of Noun. DETAILED LESSON PLAN Presented to ________________________ In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of the course FS 6 (on becoming teacher) Second Semester 2012 Presented by H. NASSER, HANIFAH C. November, 2012