Les Brown-You Deserve

I’m going to start off by saying I’m a huge fan of Mr Brown. I believe he is a great motivator with a dynamic personality. Years ago, Mr Brown was the keynote speaker at one of my family reunions. His speech, although tailored to family, was mainly about the power we have as individuals to achieve personal greatness. I’m not the only one who left that reunion feeling better about myself and my family as awhole. When we watched the speech in class, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve heard of the You Deserve seminar but had never heard it myself, so I was excited to be able to watch it in class.

I was not disappointed at all. This speech basically talked about the fact that we deserve greatness and how we can achieve it. Mr Brown talks about how we are in fact our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving our goals. There is nothing anyone can say to or about you, positive or negative, that will change who you are unless you let it. As a young man who grew up misdiagnosed as educably mentally retarded and held back in school not once but twice, I’m sure Les Brown wasn’t the most confident student.

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But, while everyone else had given up on him, Mr Brown met a man who let him know that the label given to him didn’t define him. With that knowledge, Mr Brown has become a success who uses his successes to create success in others. The speech reached me in ways that may not have reached others. I find that I am always my worst enemy when it comes to reaching my goals. It’s not a lack of confidence but a penchant of making excuses and not going all the way in trying to achieve my goals. It’s almost like become afraid of my actual potential.

After watching this seminar, I now see that as long as I remain in this mindset, I’m never going to be all the way happy. I don’t like having that “what if” feeling, and unless I do something about it, that’s the way stuff is going to be. I will once again say that Mr Brown is a magnificent motivator, but the truth of the matter is once you see this program, and apply what you’ve learned, your life will change by leaps and bounds. But, you have to actually put in the work to do so. Otherwise, you could have the knowledge and do nothing about it. What a waste that would be.