Is there a chance to move up to the Next Level?

With the increasing number of emerging discipline that is related to social sciences, it is indeed a fact that societies have already overcome the uncertainty of social science to prove their worth.  Back from 18th up to 19th centuries ago, this branch of science that explains human behavior in a socio-cultural context, did not have an easy set off to make the nations understand how and why it is necessary to make a glimpse to the social world, as then trouble emerged when it was marginalized by other branch of sciences, coming in virtually to dominate at that time. In later years, social science made relevance to societies since it was able to connect and explain the social and cultural factors affecting man and his environment. However, to make a mini-vision on how these social sciences would go in the 20th and later centuries, this paper would account for the Jean-Eric Aubert’s theory. According to Aubert, the social sciences will generally come up with a larger influence in the management of economics and public affairs, by which the government today are relying “increasingly on the social sciences to deal with particular problems they are now facing”.

He believed that with the advancement of technology–for example the ability to disseminate huge data, virtual laboratories, and dealing with large amount of surveys–the ability of social sciences to progress, transform, and develop in a more mature and comprehensive approach is highly expected. Indeed, the process would vary from culture to culture but the main idea of it is that social science projects a wide option to grow. On the other hand, it would still be better to take a cautionary measure for these projections since crunches are also felt by different and vast universities and institutions. In essence, to say that the social sciences have the potential to grow, it would be very much beneficial to those people who want to deal with the similar discipline since it would offer more job opportunities  not only for professors. And what else can it offer?  Definitely social science has a lot to offer other than job opportunities. But then, it would be a great thought to be in.

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