Investigatory Project

Many natural substances contain molecules that change color in liquid solutions when the solution is changed from a basic to acidic nature or vice versa. Natural dyes such as pigments of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and many others have such properties.

Natural indicators when added in a small amount of solution, give an indication of the pH of the solution. Acids and bases are very essential in our lives. They can be used in cleaning, helps in our digestion, for cosmetics, the can also be used as disinfectant, and used to make other materials. Both acids and bases function as cleaning agents, as they have the ability to remove stains and other dirt from surfaces. Soap is an example of a base. Acids are also present in the stomach (Hydrochloric Acid) and are used to dissolve swallowed food so it can be absorbed.

People with stomachs that produce too much acid can take antacids, which are basically bases intended to neutralize the acid. Acids and bases are used to clean and smooth the skin. However, those that are too strong can burn the skin. Sometimes the celebrities use this for the protection, cleanliness, and smoothness of their skins. For disinfectants, strong acids can kill bacteria and other microorganisms, preventing the spread of disease. Bases are used to make a variety of materials. Calcium hydroxide (Limewater) is used to make plaster and mortar.

Acids and bases are also found in foods, the environment and in chemicals including medicines. And lastly, the body also has a buffer system that helps control the level of acids and bases. The pH levels are controlled using bicarbonate or HCO3. Also, the metabolism in the human body produces high amounts of acids. These are just few of the many uses of acids and bases in our daily lives. In this study, the natural indicator for acids and bases is grapes’ peelings extract. Grapes are very well-known for they can be grape juice as they use Concord grapes, and red wine which is the product of red wine grapes.

It can protect our body from different diseases such as blood clots, prostrate, lung, liver, and breast cancer, proliferation and metastasis of live tumors, inflammation associated with COPD, and macular degeneration. In this study, different plant/fruit/vegetable pigments/extracts were used as an alternative pH indicator. The researchers will find out what is the importance of the indicator for acids and bases, and which is better indicator whether it’s the natural or the commercial indicator. II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study aims to: 1.

Find a natural indicator for acids and bases. 2. Know how to be resourceful in such way that we can save money and not to buy commercial indicators. 3. The significance of the differentiating the natural indicator and the commercial indicator according to the color change. III. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY “To discover new things”. Researchers would always be interested to know how this started, how would it end, or how would it look like. Researchers would love to run some tests, comparing, identifying if is it something that is effective, or is it possible to be an alternative.

In this study, discovering new things may be one of the main reasons but also to be independent on what we have like the ‘ready-to-use’ things and commercial indicators is one of it. Some schools’ science laboratory does not afford to provide commercial indicators such as litmus papers, phenolphthalein, and bromothymol blue and this study would be ‘to the rescue. ’ “Natural indicators can be the alternative of commercial indicators for acids and bases. Natural indicators are merely more effective than the ready-to-use indicators. Statements would may be proven or rejected, hypothesis would be tested, and ideas will just be a mere imagination or an idea that is really a fact. Those queries will be answered when the next chapters were passed. IV. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS The study was held at the science laboratory of Angeles University Foundation – Integrated School of the students of St. Bernadette last July 23, 2013 and July 30, 2013. We estimated all our expenditures and we got a total of P200 all in all specifically, the grapes and the vials. The study was a prime project of group- consists of 5 members- in Chemistry.

To be able to do the experiment there are also some elements we, the researchers have to think through. First thing is that we, the researchers, have to prepare all the materials needed in our experiment. Another thing is that, we should follow carefully the instructions and measurements required in doing our experiment to achieve the expected and accurate results. And the lastly, doing this experiments clean, carefully, and organize as possible will make this study successful. It made use of experimental method which is common to this study and it utilizes the grapes’ peelings extracts as natural indicator and bases.

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