Internal Labor Market

Internal Labor Market comprises of administrative rules and procedures between the firm and its labor force and how will they be able to be productive and efficient having these guidelines. Accordingly, the stability of the job would actually depend on the performance of an individual towards his work. Having a pattern or rather a set of standards as one attend to his work is very benficial as to what extent he can contribute to the proliferation of the firm he belongs. Heneman and Judge (2006) state that “ staffing firms are th legal employers of the workers being supplied..the staffing firms conducts recruitment, selection, training, compenation, performance appraisal…” (p.119), there should be proper allocation of work as well as having the need to be certain that every work is compensated. It is very necessary to have a healthy relationship between employee and empployer having severl promotions and benefits. There should be proper staffing hand in hand with good qualifications in order to truly contribute to the progress of the company.

Heneman and Judge (2006) charts describes that “Percentage of minorities or women with requisite skills in the reasonable recruitment area and Percentage of minorities or women among those promotable, transferable and trainable within the contractor’s organization” are the job groups (p.124). Those with skills in the reasonable recruitment area should have one head – the department’s head – and at least two subordinates who will be responsible in handling the workers as well as the one who will conduct seminars for enhancing their employees. Those in charge of which should know the proper training ground so that they will not mislead their own group. On the other hand, among those promotable, transferable and trainable should also have their superior which could be their department’s head and at least three subordinates that will be responsible in their workers progress nd also the one who will se criteria on how to attain such promotions.

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Staffing organiztions is indeed necessary to have a truly reputable and fast phased company – and that is why a firm should have its proper standards.