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The views of the past and the present youth had several differences. This paper aims to determine what differences are there in the views of the youth in the past and the present. The paper would be discussing the transitions as to why there had been changes in the views of the youth to the question of Personal Sacrifice for an important person. In the conclusion part, an enumeration of the differences would be shown.


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Taking a bullet for a friend is a very noble sacrifice that a person can do to a friend. By doing so, a person would lay his on life for somebody important to him. If the question: “Would you take a bullet for a friend?” was asked in the past, some young people would definitely answer positively. However, the present youth today would have answered a definite no. There are several changes that may have influenced the youth of today that had changed their point of view in this matter.


In the past, it is important that the young people have the right attitude. It is within the society’s norms that people should think right and do the right thing. The past generation could be considered as more respectful and would give more importance to values more than anything else. They would rather suffer the consequences if they did the right thing rather than giving in to their desires to act wrongly. Society judges deviant people as outcasts before. If a particular person acts in a wrong way, the community would think that the person is evil and would consider not talking to him or her. The past generation treats their friend as important as their family and they would rather give everything that they have rather than lose something very important to them. Another thing is that before people think selflessly. They do not gauge their actions based on what they could get from it. They base their actions based on what was taught to them by their parents. This is the reason why there are some youth that would gladly take a bullet for a friend.


The present youth had been influenced by not only their parents but also by the culture, society and the environment. Nowadays, society does not judge people harshly as compared in the past. This is so because many had been acting deviant against the society’s norms. Being deviant does not make the person an outcast but it makes the person as someone who needs help in reforming.   If we are going to compare the moral values of the youth in the past and the present youth, it is evident that the youth in the past is more morally inclined. The youth of today acts in a selfish manner. The actions of the youth is based on the question, “What’s in it for me?”. If the youth thinks that it would not bring any benefit to him, then he would rather not do it because it would just be a waste of time. The other influences in the life of the present youth could be the key as to why the views of the youth had changed in the present. In our present environment, the people act the same as the youth.


As a conclusion, the views of the present and the past youth had been changed due to several factors. First is that in the past, moral values are very important to a person however, today, people would do something in exchange of something. Second, is that society had been more strict in judging people as compared to the present time. Third, the youth of the present had been influenced by how the people around them act. Lastly, is that it is easier to live in the past because the value of money before is higher as compared to the present, because of this, the present generation had become materialistic and opportunists.