Impact of Computers in Our Society Today

Africans see culture as a definition of a true you, the legacy and physical attributes of a group of society that are inherited from past generations maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of the future generation, from it language, religion , cuisine, social habit, music & art, But through culture misperceptions are silenced. These days culture is neglected to an extent that even our traditions are forgotten.

Upon the high unemployment rate in rural areas, Enactus MUT acknowledged and embraced the fact that clothing and textile industry has been and remains a very significant source of employment to all, But through culture misperceptions are silenced. In the CFT challenge proposed by Edcon last year Enactus MUT saw the need to address such issue and came out with innovative ideas of capturing tradition through clothing by igniting minds and keeping the rainbow nation alive INTRODUCING THE TETANESIZA PROJECT.

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Last year Enactus MUT travelled 216km to a small town called Umtubatuba next to the greater Saint Lucia Wetland Park in the north coast of KZN, Where we identified the challenges that were facing a co-op that we formed with a group of 3 tailors, 2 students, 1 security and 1 traditional shoe maker. The challenges that the group experienced were the registration of the co-op, securing a working environment, financial literacy, marketing mix, promotional skills and business skills. Once again Enactus Mut intervened as we taught them business and financial skills which was done by Nedbank as well as help them create their own constitution.

They were now able to produce their own business cards showing a successful transfer of marketing skills from us to them. As this is an on-going project Tetanesiza experienced certain challenges this current Enactus year, they had a problem with the place that they were operating in. The reason why they decided to relocate was because they had excess supply due to insufficient market segment. We then conducted a needs analysis and found a perfect place in Richards Bay that catered for their business. After a long successful working relationship it was time for their business to run on its own, it was time for us to part.

Our mandate for creating Tetanesiza was clear, embracing our culture through the positive power of business. But we had one last thing to as part of our exit strategy. Once again we came up with brilliant marketing idea. We hosted a huge marketing prospective an outdoor fashion show. We had different kinds of distinguished guests. The list consisted of the mayor, the local counselor, government officials, business representatives and the whole community at large. The attendance was overwhelming. The outcomes of the fashion show were tremendously successful. We obtained a total of 38 orders and 27 bookings.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the stage we are leaving them in from three women just producing traditional textile for general walk in clients. Thanks to Enactus Mut they grew from that ground level they previously operated in to a more sophisticated and competitive level since now they are more organized. Tetanesiza now offers their products for selling and rental purposes, which means they increased their market segment and return on investment. From the magnificent work we have done eMtubatuba, yes we did face some difficulties, as a result we learnt as a team and yes they were things that could have been done better.

Due to the challenges we faced as Enactus Mut our eyes were opened, minds were challenged, barriers were conquered and lives were changed, WHAT THEN CAN STOP US. From one end of the KZN province across 316km to the other end. Ladies and Gentleman introducing OKHALWENI PROJECT. Okhalweni co-op is situated at Port Shepstone in a small village called eMavundleni . The co-op was established by a group of six women because of high rates of unemployment, poor standard of living and low quality of life since they depend on social grants for a living which is next impossible to afford adapting to the high cost of living in our days.

Mangosuthu University of Technology the only institution that provides higher education in a township, established by the chief minister of kwazulu natal with the aim of providing technical education to the youth of Durban. This university Team Sustainability Through team work anything can be achieved, Enactus team needs to be run like a business having the structure and formation of management. Enactus is a business, but not of gaining materialistic values. When I smile you smile, we smile together because a smile means hope where there is just a little glimpse of hope there is entrepreneurship.

This is what Enactus means to us as the Mangosuthu University of technology team. As Enactus MUT we do not only acquire knowledge that one must study but also acquire wisdom which one must observe. We started recruiting on the 13th of August last year and we felt that teaching the team about the criterion and the way Enactus project needs to be structured was important. Our recruitment focuses mainly on first year students to achieve team sustainability. grate works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”