Ib Biology

The purpose of this investigation was to see if doing push ups affects one’s heart rate. It was found that the exercise that was performed did affect the heart rate. Therefore, doing push ups did increase the heart rate. If doing exercise increases one’s heart rate, then doing push ups affects the heart rate. This investigation deals with analyzing the effect on doing an exercise, in this case- pushups; will increase one’s heart rate. I have analyzed ten boys between the ages of fifteen and seventeen years old. The task was to do pushups in one minute.

The heart rate was recorded before and after the task was performed. The dependent variables are; the heart rate beats before and after doing pushups. The independent variables are; random boys who do or don’t have any health condition problem and the environment the task is being done. The controlled variables are; analyzing only boys, between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. Another controlled variable is the time given, which is one minute. Materials that I used were; paper, pencil, calculator, stopwatch and the person being tested to measure their heart beat. My procedure was as follows: 1.

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Measure heart beat for a minute before the task started. 2. Record the heart beat 3. Time the performer for one minute doing pushups 4. Measure their heart beat for one minute once again. 5. Record their heart beat 6. Repeated these steps nine more times 7. Analyzed the data 8. Made a conclusion based on my data. Human errors that are seen are; timing, two extra seconds for a heartbeat being recorded. Another one is the person measuring or counting the heart beat with their fingers. Data table collection: Heart beat data collection- Pushups| Boys| Time (min)| Heart beats before| Heart beats after| 1| 1| 56| 116| | 1| 48| 108| 3| 1| 61| 121| 4| 1| 53| 111| 5| 1| 45| 105| 6| 1| 50| 103| 7| 1| 58| 120| 8| 1| 63| 123| 9| 1| 55| 115| 10| 1| 62| 125| Bar graph: comparing heart beats Y-axis: Heart beats Y-axis: Heart beats X-axis: Number of people X-axis: Number of people Line Graph: Y-axis: Heart beats Y-axis: Heart beats Key: ____ Heart beat afterwards ____Heart beat before Key: ____ Heart beat afterwards ____Heart beat before X-axis: Number of people The conclusion that is being reveled based on the data is that when someone does exercise, your heart rate increases.

Based on the data and graphs showed above, the heart beat increases after doing pushups. Some weaknesses that were in the way were; measuring the heart pulse with the tester’s finger. Another weakness was to add the number of pushups the participant is doing. Furthermore, it can be manipulated, and answer the following question, “To what extent of pushups does your heartbeat start increasing? ” Suggestions for improving the lab procedure are to have a more using a reliable tool to measure heart rate. Another thing is to evaluate data even further.