Hsc 451

The homes policy is that every member of staff has an appraisal 13 weeks after they start in Beechgrove then every year after that it is according to the national care standards and the care commission requirement. The purpose of the appraisal is so that the member of staff can discuss their work performance with the manager or immediate supervisor.

It also helps the staff member to find ways of improving their work satisfaction and productivity. It also gives them the opportunity to explore any areas of their work in which they feel they would benefit from training or development. It also lets the manager or supervisor to discuss any problems or how they feel they are doing on their work performance. In the appraisal there is many points that is discussed they are the staff members job knowledge, quality, quantity of work, initiative and enthusiasm, team work, time keeping, attendance and attitude and appearance.

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The staff member is graded on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 represents outstanding performance. On the 24/11/10 I spoke to Leeann and told her that her appraisal was due and this is the time to review her performance. I then Leeann her appraisal form and explained to her that she was to fill in the first part and hand it back to me in a few days so she can write down how she feels she is doing at work. Leeann handed it back into me and I explained that her appraisal would be on the 29/11/10 at 10am.

On the 29/11/10 Leeann come to me at 10am for her appraisal I shut the office door so that we had privacy and no one could interrupt us. I explained to Leeann the purpose of the appraisal any problems. I explained that I have also got feedback from the nurses on her performance and they are satisfied with her work I have also worked with her and I know she works well. I also checked sickness recorded and this gave me the information I needed to assess her performance.

I explained to Leeann that she has good job knowledge but there is always room for improvement that’s why it is good that she goes to the training that is provide by the home if possible. I explained that it is her own responsibly to make sure all the training is up to date and that it is important that it is always kept up to date. I explained to Leeann that because she always makes sure the residents have what they need that i would like her to be the one that is in charge of making sure the residents in her wing have everything they needed for example toiletries and anything else they may needed.

Leeann was happy to do this. Leeann works well on her own and as part of a team and uses her own initiative were possible and gets help from the nurse or senior carer. I asked her how she felt she was getting on and she said that she feels she is doing fine. Unit, Element, PCs 451. 3. 2a 451. 3. 2b 451. 3. 4 451. 3. 8b 451. 3. 5 451. 3. 3Knowledge 451. 9f 451. 15 451. 30 451. 33 451. 31 451. 23 451. 27 451. 29 I explained to Leeann that some morning she can be slow and easily distracted she explained that she is tired some morning if she has been up during the night with her little boy.

I did explain that she did pick up as the morning went on I also explained that I understand that it can be hard for her if she has had a bad night but she should not let little things distracted her as easy. Leeann has good time keeping and attendance she also but I did explain that if she was phoning in sick would she try and phone a hour before her shift starts so it give us time to get cover. I told Leeann that I am not happy with the units being unattended and that they must stay in the units they are working in as it is important that the residents are getting looked after at all time.

I asked her and said that she does not leave it unattended but I told her that I have went to the unit that she is working on and I cannot find her or the other carer she’s working with as two of them are in the kitchen I explained that it is unacceptable and I don’t want it to happen again. I explained that if the carer she’s working with is away to get milk and she needs to go and get something then she must wait till she’s back then go or she can ask someone to look after the wing till she has got what she needs if it is important. She was happy with this. This is for the resident’s safety and someone might have a fall.

I asked her if she understands the importance of it as when she is on that unit it is her responsibly to make sure the residents are safe. She said that she is aware if this. Leeann has a positive attitude to work and to other members of staff and residents. I explained to her that it is important that we all work as part of a team. It is important that we treat everyone the way we like to be treated. Leeann is always dressed tidy and respectable. I asked Leeann if there was anything she wanted to talk about or say I explained that whatever she says is confidential.

I explained that I am always happy to listen she said that she finds some members of staff hard to work with as they don’t work together. I asked her what she meant and she said when she is working with some staff they just go and do their own thing and don’t tell her what they are doing or where they are. I explained to Leeann that it had been noticed and that it’s getting dealt with. I told Leeann that we are all a team and we should all work together and that it is important to communicate with the person you are working with so that they know where each other is at all time in case of emergency.

I then asked Leeann was there anything I could do she said no. Getting feedback from staff is important as I can look at my own skills and see where they can be improved. I explained that I would be happy to listen to her if she had any problems and that the managers door is always open and that she could always speak to her or I could do it on her behalf if she wishes. I then asked Leeann if there was anything else she wanted to talk about and she said no. I then thanked her for taking the time to come and see me and explained that her next appraisal would be in a year’s time.

I then got Leeann to sign her appraisal form and then I put it in her files in the locked cupboard according to the data protection act 1998. 451. 3. 3 451. 3. 6 451. 3. 9 451. 3. 8b 451. 2. 6 451. 3. 4 451. 5 451. 20a 451. 1 A DDITIONAL EVIDENCE AND CLARIFICATION This might be used to record additional questions or the candidate may use it to write an additional paragraph. COMMENTS/FEEDBACK TO CANDIDATE If witness testimony used please state who supplied testimony and relationship to candidate. Expert Witness Signature (if applicable): Candidate Signature: Assessor Signature: Date: